Where’s the rest of your hair?

One of my favorite artist Pink recently appeared at an event with a new hair style. Three words: I hate it.  I’ve mentioned before, I hate short hair on women. It takes away a womens sex appeal, in my opinion. The color, the cut..she looks boyish. At least the blonde short hair makes her look feminine. I’m sorry but I just don’t know how guys can be attracted to girls with short hair like that!

‘Actress’ Hayden Panettire who is 20 years old looks 40 with her new short hair cut. I mean, really? Why would you want to make yourself look older?  You’re young, have fun, let your hair loose…not look like a 40 year old aunt. She looks like Miranda from Sex & The City.

Jessica Alba looks cute. With her shape of face, short hair looks good on her.It suits her. The longer hair doesn’t show off her cheek bones and makes her look younger.

Heidi Klum….do I even need to say anything? I will say that it’s horrendous.


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