Red Carpet: Hit or Miss

Kate Hudson looking fabulous at a recent event. I usually don’t like when girls wear tuxedo styled outfits but rocked it. She made the masculine piece look feminine. It’s simple, sophisticated and classy. The pants, the jacket, the cream colored blouse, her heels, everything looks great! Well, maybe her hair could have been styled differently but other than that

I likeeeeeeey like!

Who is this chick? All I know is her name is Nikkie Reed. The dress is uber cute, but it’s super short! Rule to go by: If you are showing cleavage, don’t show so damn much of the legs! The shoes doesn’t go with the dress. I like the purple lipstick, her hair is nice up with the haltar dress…but some one till this unknown chicka to look less miserable while on the red carpet.

Sophia Bush….did she take this dress from Suri Cruise closet and add more material on it?! I mean…it’s hideous. I hate polka dot dresses.  the dress is bad enough, who made her think it was okay to add the necklace!? Too much going on, and it ain’t good. She needs to be going to a get a new stylist.

I I freakin’ love this women! Eva Longoria looking amazeballs! She rocked a Elli Saab one shoulder dress. She looks like a miniature Mexican Goddess. But of course, leave it to me to find a flaw. I don’t like the hair, the hair that is sticking out on the side needs to be tucked in a bun and I don’t like the heels. I’m a sucker for peep toe heels, platforms or chunky gladiator heels.

Whitney Port in a Rachel Roy dress…are you shittin’ me?! This “fashion designer” doesn’t even know how to dress herself. She looks like a sunflower. The dress is ugly, it’s just a plain, long and it doesn’t even look finished. I mean..she looks like a walking banana.

Salma Hayek in Gucci..beautiful. I love the style, it’s different and it’s fresh. The embellishment on the side and on the shoulder, the color, her’s just all stunning.

The ever so annoying of a fame whore Kim KarTRASHian and her changing face looks cute in a tight sheer topped mini dress and gold gladiator heels. I love the earnings, the hair, the heels, the make up and the dress! The necklace doesn’t fit in with the look. She needs to lay off the botox, plastic surgery, the make up and the media.

Michelle Trachtenberg looking adorable!! The statement necklace is a great addition to this dress. It’s sexy and chic. The shoes doesn’t go with the outfit!! Ladies, the heels are criticial in completing the outfit. They are the topping on the cake! I would have gone with a pair of pump heels.

Ciara’s body is amazzzzzzzzzzing! She looks pretty, I like her hair styled like this. The dress however ain’t so cute. It looks like a costume and it doesn’t go with the heels. I love those Givenchy heels!


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