Favorite Hair Style

Beyonce attended the 2008 Grammy Awards with this adorable chic hair do. I’ve been obsessed with it and have contemplated on getting it done ever since. Queen B’ is known to change-up her hair style every single time she is spotted!

My hair takes a long time to grow and when it does finally grow I always have to end up cutting it. But I’ve always wanted long hair!! Hopefully one day! But for now I’ve wanted something refreshing and new and I find myself going back to Beyonce’s hairstyle, with both the color and the cut. I think it will be chic for summer and we tend to forget, hair always grows back! I’ve only dyed my hair black, so I think the blonde chunk of highlights will be a different look for me. I will be 21 this summer and I want to enter it with a new positive attitude and I have to start with feeling good about myself.

Would you do it? Do you think it’s too much? I’d love to know!

And I will defiantly let you guys know if I end up going for it! I think I’m just not going to tell anyone and get it done and surprise! LOL It would be a huge change on me!

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