Who wore it better…

Miley Cyrus who always dresses and acts her age and actress Jessica Stroup both wore a floral TopShop mini dress. Umm..what the heck was Stroup thinking? White boots, the belt and the necklace..all wrong. So I have to go with teen tramp Cyrus. She played with the dress and it’s sort of cute.

Victoria Beckham and Olvia Palamero wore a Julian J Smith frock.Beckham rocked it, the hair and the shows looks great with the printed dress. The other chick from The City is either color blind or got a little to ‘print’ happy by overdoing it the stockings, hideous jacket and statement necklace.

Actresses Dakota Fanning and Ginnifer Goodwin rocked a tuxedo blazer from Zac Posen Target collection. I hate when stockings/leggings are used as pants. I don’t like it, and I don’t think the outfit is for her age. She is only 14 years old. So I have to go with Goodwin, I like how she paired the jacket with the capri pants. She looks great, it’s a clean, neat sophisticated look.


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