Are they out of their cotton ripping mind?!

Remember my previous post about Beyonce at the Coachella music festival and how cute I thought her outfit was? Yeah well, the shirt aint that cute no more…it costs $650.00!! What the heezy? No matter how much rich you are, it’s common sense not to pay $650 for a plain shirt with writings on it. Give me a white tee and markers and you got yourself the same shirt!

It’s by Thomas Wylde. If you are multi-millionaire and want to spend rents pay for a plain tee, then by all means!

Also, another ridiculous price tag I saw on

Balmain is outrageous with their pricing, it it known to be extremely expensive for nothing, their clothes are plain.

Take this shirt for example, a simple button down shirt that you can get at H&M for $25 but in Balmain you can get it for only $5,057! Aint nothing but pocket change, huh?

How about this $1,625.00 ripped t-shirt? Again, get any plain t-shirt and put holes in them and bam you got a ripped tee. The only ripped anything I spend money on are  jeans, even that I think is ludicrous. Anyone can rip up jeans or a shirt but jeans is understandable because of the different styles of them, but a damn ripped t-shirt?! Chile’ please. As much as I love fashion, stuff like this I don’t love. It’s a rip off and the designers and marketers that come up with the price tags are out of their minds but who is even more coocoo in the head are the people who spend a shit load of money on plain clothes just for the label.  Only thousand dollar anything I’d spend on is a Chanel Bag or Louboutin heels hunnay!

What do you guys think? I’d love to know!


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