‘BeyonJay’ At Coachella Music Festival

Over the weekend Jay Z performed in California at the Coachella Music Festival, I don’t know much about it but all I know is that it’s a big event that takes place every year for three days, it’s always star studded and it was a first time a rapper performed. I haven’t seen other videos of his performances other than this one…

Jay brought out his ‘super duper special’ lady to sing Forever Young, originally Mr. Hudson is featured on it. I actually like both versions. Beyonce looked beautiful as always. Her outfit was super duper adorable! I love the cut off shorts, off the shoulder shirt and the hat she had. I love look for the summer. But most of all, I love them together! The way they were staring at each other as they were performing was so cute, they have great chemistry on stage and you can just tell, the little time we see them together, how in love they are.

Do you like my nickname for them ‘BeyonJay’? LOL

Coachella Day 2:

Oh no, no, no Bey! Sometimes I question her taste of clothing. The skirt looks like it was made out of a garbage bag, the shirt is cute but if only it was about two inches longer. Her hair looks good and I like the thin headband but the color should have been a bit darker because it matches her hair! LOL.

I would have styled the shirt with skinny white washed jeans with the ankle chained boots but my choice would be with high gladiator sandals with the jeans scrunched up a bit on top of the sandals. (like the picture of the jeans shown), a brown colored braided headband and complete the laid back bohemian look with a fringe messenger/tote bag.


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