Beauty of the Week

My absolute favorite designer label is Marchesa! I can die in a Marchesa gown! And the brains and the beauty behind the brand is Georgina Chapman. She created the label along with former model Karen Craig. In 2004 they launched Marchesa and ever since it’s been a fixture on the red-carpet. dressing Hollywoods A-list and quickly put them on best dressed. Marchesa truly never disappoints me, I love the draping, the flowy gowns that make a women feel beautiful and how they constantly have fashionistas in awe. Chapman and Craig sure know how to make a women feel and look beautiful, they always capture the essence of high fashion.

Chapman is stunning! I love how a women with dark hair, light eyes and red lipstick looks. I think it’s sexy and exotic. I wish I can pull off red lips and look hot as she does! She always has on red or pink lipstick on, so she made the look her own.

She is married to Harvey Weinstein. A huge multi-millionaire mogul in TV and film. The Weinstein company produces and creates a huge list of successful shows and movies. She is 34 years old and they are having their first baby! She has three step-daughters from her husband previous marriage, imagine how their step-mom dresses them up! Hopefully she’ll have a baby girl of her own, I’d be so jealous of that little doll! LOL

She is 5 months preggers in the picture on the side! She is known to dress Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba and a lot more during their pregnancies becoming an expert at hiding baby bumps. She is also starting her own maternity line!

I think she just may be my girl crush!

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