Look of the Week

Tween star Selena Gomez always looks adorable and age appropriate. She wore a sequined skirt with a cute black top.

I obviously don’t follow her or the other teen stars. I remember when I was a teen it was the world of Britney Spears, Christina Aguiliara, NYSNC, Destiny Child, Spice Girls and Backstreetboys! Britney was a wild one, and this generation the wild one is Miley Cyrus. This generation is in the shit-hole. The music isn’t the same and the way these young girls act, dress and behave is scary.

But when I see Selena Gomez, I notice how she dresses, how she carries herself and how she stays out of the media hooplah. Young girls should follow her and not a teen going on older adult like Miley Cyrus. If I had a little sister I would never ever allow her to watch Cyrus, to dress like her, listen to her music or watch her shows/movies. Gomez is clean, classy and acts and most of all dresses her age! Girls, you are too young to want to look and act old. Live your life appropriately to your age, everything comes in time.

And girls, please don’t be like this one…


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