Artist & Song of the Week

In light of the late singer Selena day she had passed away, I chose my favorite song of her. ‘Dreaming Of You’. I didn’t grow up listening to her, I was under six years when she shot to fame and later died. I only got to know who she is by the movie ‘Selena’. She was only 23 years old when she died, what a shame. She was so young, she had recently got married and wanted a family while living her dreams. It’s so sad what happened to her, crazy how someone you trust and loved can do something like that. It only goes to show you never truly know someone, like I always say ‘there is a devil inside everyone’.

I have watched the movie over ten times already! I love it. Isn’t it crazy how Jennifer Lopez resembled her so much?! Just like Tupac, Michael Jackson and Biggie, if they were still alive they would be dominating the music industry still, their legacies still live on and for generations and generations to come, I think everyone will know who they are and be touched by their music.

Rest in peace Selena, 4/16/1971 – 3/31/1995.


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