Beauty Choice of the week

I haven’t done a post like this in a while, the last two I did my choices were Eva Longoria and Aishwarya Rai. This week goes to another brunette beauty, Mathew McConaughey’s girlfriend/baby mama Camila Alves. She is a former model from Brazil and now a mother of two and she still looks restless and fabulous…and it’s genetics! She also has a handbag line called Muxo.

Why couldn’t I have her genes? She is so beautiful, but best of all she is a natural beauty. I also love her bohemian style. All her candids picture from the paparazzi’s that get featured in magazines and online is of her on the beach with Mathew and son. Even in the beach, she is always stylin’!

I think brunettes look better (I’m not just saying it because I am one!); to me blondes is the all american girl look, it’s boring. As for the dark hair…it oozes sexiness. Camila looks exotic, the dark hair and caramel skin complexion  gives her a natural sex appeal.

Mathew and Camila are an example of ‘opposites attract’. They come from different worlds yet they mesh together smoothly. He is the California surfer mellow dude and she is the bohemian laid back, care free beauty. “Mathew helps me a lot. He has his own thing going and I have my own thing going, but we are both on the same path. Everyone has to find common ground and make it work for them and thats what we do.” Alves said about her relationship with Mathew.


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