Favorite Looks

Jessica Alba looks comfy, casual and chic in skinny ripped jeans, cardigan sweater, a tank top and flats. I love this outfit, it’s what I have been wearing lately and what you will continue to see a lot more off. I love cardigans, it’s a must in everyone’s closet. It literally goes with everything. She just looks so comfortable yet stylish and even though it’s simple, it’s not a boring outfit.  Perfect for the day look that transcends to the night, just switch to a pair of heels and your off for a fun night!

Can’t stand Audrina Patridge but I am loving what she is wearing! I love anything off the shoulder and I love her jeans and her booties! I seriously want all of it, the top, the skinny jeans, the shoes…and throw in the hair too! LOL Like I always say, less is always more! I am a sucker for simple outfits that looks effortlessly chic.

Summer ready Kourtney Kardashian looks sad for a bright outfit! Rompers are a must have for summer and blazers are a necessity! You need to have one in your closet, no ifs, buts or no’s! LOL It’s easy and effortless.

Actress Camilla Belle looks divine in a feathered Marchesa mini dress.  I don’t have anything else to say other than I love the dress and she looks great in it! Oh! I would have gone with different shoes! I love my Loubies but those heels didn’t go with the fancy dress, she should have gone with peep toe pumps instead.

Vanessa Hudgens has a great sense of style. I love her bohemian and care free style.  I like each outfit she has on shown in the picture above. (dislike the baseball hat in the middle!) But my favorite is what she is wearing on the far right! White goes great with the skinny jeans and heels.

Ashley Tisdale is another one that has a great style. I love the ripped jeans she has and I like how she has worn them differently. She hardly disappoints with her fashion. She is one of those that when I see what she has on, I want to have it on also so I try to find similar pieces and put them together like she has. She doesn’t try hard, her style is comfortable and..yes again, I use the word effortless! (there are a lot of pictures of her wearing adorable outfits, I just put up this picture because I found it this way and loosing patience trying to find pictures of outfits she’s worn) I need a new bucket of words to use!


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