Thank You!

Hey dolls!

I just wanted to thank you guys for coming on my blog! I work hard on it and enjoy doing it. It’s actually therapeutic, when I am going through something or feeling certain ways instead of moping around my room I start writing, some doesn’t get posted but I write about everything, whether it is personal, fashion, music and so on and I start to look for pictures and come up with ideas to add-on the blog. It’s just fun to do and it takes up my time and helps distract me.

I really think my blog is different than others. A lot of popular blogs focus on celebrity, whether they’re repeating the same tabloid stories, uploading the same pictures of celebs or it’s about bashing them. Mine is positive and it’s a variety of everything that anyone can relate to or enjoy reading. It’s also fun to see my blog stats go up and down constantly! When I first started it was through the roof, than for a few months it wasn’t good at all and now it has picked up drastically. I have learned how to navigate it and how to put it out there whereas before I didn’t even explore the wordpress’s features, I just wrote a blog and posted it! But even if I don’t have any followers, I still update it. When I first started I didn’t think ANYONE would find it, but it’s amazing what Google can do! And now almost a year later I have over 4,100 visitors! Wooohooo!!

The positive feedback is amazing. Thank you to those who take their time, even it’s a minute, to leave me a comment on what they think of my posts or telling me what a good job I am doing. They seriously make me smile and I just love it! So thank you!

I hope you bookmarked my site and keep coming back! This semester is a tough one so I may not update it daily as I used too and some times I go on a week without posting anything up but I try to do so as much as I can, when I can! Whether you have feedback that is positive or negative, tell me!

Thanks again, xoxo.


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