Oscar’s Fashion!

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior and Zoe Zaldana in Givenchy. For Theron it looks like two cinnamon buns on her chest and as for Saldana, I like the top part but it just got worse in the bottom. The different shades of purple and the ruffles…or whatever it is, is horrible.

Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta…beautiful! This is the best I’ve seen her look. This year is all about embellishments and sparkle. I like that she didn’t go dramatic with the make up and hair. Even though I feel like I’ve seen this dress worn before, it worked for her.

The always miserable Kristen Stewart. I am not sure who the designer is yet, but I thought it was a very pretty dress. You can never go wrong with black although it is tricky to pull off! And she didn’t pull it off. It looks so plain! This is why when you wear black, it is essential that you add earrings or a necklace that makes it pop. Angelina Jolie did it best last year with her black gown and green earrings.

Demi Moore in Versace. Stunning! This woman is aging gracefully.I love the dark hair with the blush colored dress. The hair, the simple jewelry and the dress went together perfectly.

America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock. So happy for her win! She wore a Marchesa gown. The hair and the make up was flawless. I loved it, she looked beautiful!The dress on the other hand, I am not a fan of! I know everyone is raving over it but I really don’t see what the fuss is about. It’s old hollywood glam indeed but its…blah.  But I will say, she did look like perfection holding that Oscar, it matched the dress and it was classic hollywood glam.

Seriously? Mariah Carey needs to grow up already. She never dresses her age and she never dresses for her body. She wore a Valentino dress and it wasn’t appropriate for her age, her body and for the Oscars. She needs a new stylist already! I am over it, next.

Miley Cyrus, she is another one that never dresses her age. She annoys me with her appearance, her voice and her actions. She wore a Jenny Packman dress. I actually really love this dress. I would have liked to see it on someone older that could have pulled it off a lot better than this one. She is too young to be wearing a corset, and it needs to be a size bigger. It looks super tight on her.

Rachel McAdams, so elegant and beautiful! The hair, the chandelier earrings goes together smoothly. Only thing, she could have added a few thin bangles in one arm.

Jennifer Lopez in Armani Prive. Divine! It was couture, artistic and high fashion. She worked it! The dramatic train made the dress. She looked confident and out-staged the nominees! She is my choice for best dressed.


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