Heaven needed an angel…

A very good and close friend of mine lost her sister this weekend, at just 14 years old she has lost her battle with cancer. I don’t think I have ever felt my heart-break before this. It’s crazy how life is, one moment you’re happy and the next you’re devastated. One moment you’re with someone you love and as you close your eyes for a second, that person is gone. Everything seems so small to me, the things that mattered, doesn’t matter anymore. I cannot even imagine what her sisters and parents are going through now, I just pray they find strength and I just wish they can transport all their pain to me. I hate to see people, especially those that I care deeply for suffer. I am a believer in everything happening for a reason but with this…I am frustrated with God. I don’t understand why these things happen and I never will. Why hasn’t their been a cure for cancer? I don’t get it. But I have to understand that God saw her getting tired, he saw her suffer and fight everyday for her life and I have to believe that he came to her in her last few moments and asked her to come away with him, he needed an angel.

May she rest in peace as she watches over her family and protects them. She is the bravest girl I have ever known, with all that she was going through she kept a smile on her face. The only thing that brings me peace is to know that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. She thought me huge lessons in life that I will never forget. I am glad I got the chance to meet her and the impact she has made in my life will always have an effect on me. I will forever keep her in my thoughts and heart till I see her again.

I pray every night that God and his angel Antonella give her family strength and will to go on.

May you rest in peace – Antonella Sornoza

May 7th, 1995 – February 27th, 2010.

“All life is sacred. Since life is an affirmation of the Creator, I shall live on, even when I am gone. In trailing clouds of glory shall I return to my Creator only to find that I had never really left. I shall walk among the lilies of the field and leave my trail in stardust in the sky.”


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