Thank You Kourtney Kardashian, I’m traumatized.

I am not going to try to come up with an introduction for this post, I am going to cut to the chase: Kourtney Kardashian showing her birth of her first-born son on national television was traumatizing. I am sorry to say but it was quiet disgusting, don’t get me wrong. Birth is a beautiful thing but to pull your own baby out was enough to make me cringe and swear off never having kids. They shared the most special and intimate moment for the family for ratings. Did they forget that they were on an entertainment channel not the Discovery channel?

When my best friend called me to tell me that her water broke I ran fifteen blocks to get to her. I also thought that once your water breaks the baby is on its way to the world right after. We went to the hospital Monday night on September 1st and she was not even close to giving birth. Instead of sending her home for a false alarm they kept her in the hospital and monitored the baby dilating. The poor girl pushed and pushed and the baby was too stubborn to come out and join us in the world, frankly I don’t blame him! The wait in the hospital was the longest wait of my life, I stayed by my friends side till she gave birth…29 hours later. She held my hand tight, pulled my shirt, cursed me out and begged me to get the Doctor and to help her get the baby out, it was just like what you see on TV when the impending mother to be goes psycho.

Her husband refused to have her give birth via c-section so he made her hold out. The tension in the room was so high and I felt so bad for my friend, she wanted to have the c-section but her husband was being such a pain. She kept pushing and the baby was almost coming out, we saw his head but the Doctor said he is a big baby and there is no way she will give birth naturally. Witnessing all of that traumatized me, I don’t think anyone other than the husband should be there in the delivery room. It’s not something anyone needs to witness or experience if they aren’t the one giving birth. It’s now Wednesday early morning, September 3 and my friend was quickly sent to have a c-section. At this point I have not left the hospital and have dazed off to sleep every other hour while sitting on the labor room floor. In less than an hour my friends husband came out and told us the baby is finally here and my friend is okay.

I’ll never forget being there, I got to see how it is like during labor but it’s not some where I ever want to be at again. I already know I won’t have to go through that ordeal when the time comes for me to pop out a child. I’ve had 11 surgeries due to a disease on my back so it’s not even possible for me to go through it. So I cringe on just the topic of labor and delivery. I tip my hat off to my friend and many other women that go through it, it’s a painful ordeal.

Wait…did I go off topic?! Sorry, back to Kardashian. First I have to say that she looked better when she was pregnant, she was a beautiful girl before but the pregnancy gave her a glow and the little extra weight on her suited her very well, especially on face, before her face was so sunken in and skinny. She just looks so much happier and I love that she isn’t jaded by fame like her sisters and her mother. She maintained a ‘normal life’ and isn’t trying to be everywhere like Queen of fame whores Kim and now Khloe has become one as well. She stays out of the hoopla and only appears when she has to promote the family show. I also think that the producers of the show know that they need a ‘villain’ and that’s what they made of Scott. They only show the bad side of him and I really think that Kris Jenner holds a grudge against Scott because Kourtney didn’t wind up with a filthy rich famous athlete like her other two daughters have.

We all know that the Kardashian’s don’t believe in privacy. They have sold their soul to the devil, which is fame and money. They literally gave up the rights to their lives to the E! channel and Ok Magazine. There are different ways to share the arrival of your baby’s birth to the world. If the cameras are already there than they should make sure that they keep their distance or leave the delivery room when it’s time for the baby to come. I understand Kourtney’s was taped via home video but they didn’t edit anything out when they gave the network the tape, and Kris is one of the producers. At first it was interesting to see her calmness as her water broke, it was funny to see her doing laundry, shower and do her make up right after. It was also nice to see her stay cool, calm and collective in the hospital room. I’ve never seen or heard of a women be as calm as she was during labor. But it went too far, it was too graphic and again, traumatizing, especially for young viewers and men that watched it!

They should have never shown the real birth. I literally felt like I was in the room with her, the camera showed the Doctor trying to pull the baby out, you saw the baby’s hand sticking out of her vagina as she was looking at the camera – which was so disturbing for me – then, worst of all we saw her even pull her own baby out and then we even saw the umbilical cord being cut by the baby’s father. It was beyond graphic and just not necessary to be broad-casted all over the world. Seriously, where is her sense of privacy and dignity? They don’t know how to draw the line.

I lost all respect and hope for the Kardashian clan. Right now they have a grip of the entertainment world by hand, they have taken it by storm with their show being larger than life. Compared to their first season and now, we saw their lives change drastically and the ratings went through the roof this season after Khloe’s wedding special and going from the lonely sister to now the married one, to Kourtney being pregnant and to Kim becoming a household name, no longer being known by her sex tape but by venturing off to so many things and being one of the biggest celebrity in the world…for no reason.

I am not trying to knock their hustle, whatever they touch turns to gold. But I just think they are over exposed and I can’t understand their enormous fan base, especially towards Kim. I think girls feel that they can relate to the sisters and that is what draws them, they see how Kim got famous and they feel like they can do the same thing, that it’s simple, just leak a sex tape a famous singer and they can be on their way to fame and fortune. Also, they can relate to one of the family member’s personality. They aren’t role models, they haven’t done anything to earn their spot in Hollywood but I guess it is what it is. Who needs talent in this generation when you can become famous and rich by a sex tape, playboy and just not having any respect for yourself. Their show is entertaining, I still watch it. I just think their time needs to come up already and by showing the birth took it too far. Her son is going to grow up and see this and that is going to haunt him. Kids don’t ask to be on reality TV. They have no boundaries, no self-respect and worst of all they don’t have class.

‘According to Khloé, Kourtney doesn’t have any regrets about showing son Mason’s birth on Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians finale, Us reports.

She’s 100 percent happy she did it,” Khloé says and adds that she “I was traumatized being in the delivery room, but Kourtney was fine. She doesn’t even look like she’s giving birth!” Khloe says of the footage. “It looks fake!”

More than 4.8 million viewers tuned in to see Mason’s birth, making it the most-watched telecast on E! ever.’

4 thoughts on “Thank You Kourtney Kardashian, I’m traumatized.

  1. Grow up. Babies come out of vaginas, sorry you had to see such a shocking and unbelievable thing. Maybe if more men and kids saw what women go through they’d have a little more empathy to what every single mother on this planet has to endure.

    1. First of, freedom of speech and I am entitled to my own opinion. Second, all I talked about was how I did not find it appropriate to show your child birth on national television and let alone pull out your own baby. Not everything is made for reality TV and that was just something that should not have been shown and there are different ways to show your labor if you must on TV. Kenda Wilkson, Bethanny Frankel, Tori Spelling and Kim Zoliack all did it in a classy way. And who said anything about single mothers and doubting what they endure?? My parents divorced when I was 11 and I was raised by a single mother with an eduction and she raised two girls on her own and I saw all the struggles and sacrifices she went through. I know more than anyone what women and children endure coming from a single parent household and as a woman who isn’t in good health and who has dealt with a lot of hardships I never doubt a woman’s strength. So while I am growing up, I hope you do too. I appreciate you taking the time to write on my blog and sharing your opinion but don’t come back writing anything negative. Didn’t you grow up being taught by your mother if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything?

      1. After reading your title, I thought the exact same thing. Grow up. If you didn’t want to see it, then why didn’t you just change the channel? Birth is a natural and beautiful thing. It’s not like you saw private parts. They have shows like this on all the time-Baby Story on TLC. You say you lost all respect for the Kardashians, but you also said you still watch the show. Why? Your post is very childish. You sound very dramatic and over the top- What does coming from a single parent home have anything to do with your disgust of watching a birth on t.v? This is a REALITY show, so it’s safe to say that what you see could be reality. This was probably one of the most educational episodes for this show-it obviously taught you something! Birth is not glamorous, no, so it’s nice to see what it actually is-even though she handled it a lot calmer than what the majority of women do. You said it wasn’t “classy”, but who are you to judge it. Giving birth is a beautiful thing and if you’re not grown up enough to watch it on t.v then next time just change the channel and spare yourself from being traumatized.

      2. Also, the first person who commented wasn’t talking about single, divorced mothers, they were talking about every mother and what they have to endure bringing a life into this world. You can have your freedom of speech, but when you post something like this you have to know that you’re probably not going to like everyone’s comments.

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