Obsession: Home Decor

I love interior design. I can spend hours online looking at real estate and inside the homes to see how they are decorated. Aside from fashion, this has become a growing passion of mine.

I was looking at Architectural Digest website (as I do very often!) – www.architecturaldigest.com and I came across this beautiful apartment in the Upper West Side in my hometown NYC and I fell in love with how it is decorated!! Best part is that its echo friendly. It is modern, chic and subtle while being super comfortable. I love apartments in the city mainly because of the view from the floor to ceiling windows that showcases the city’s skyline. It’s so beautiful, especially at night when it’s lit. It’s a dream of mine to live in one.

I honestly cannot wait till I get to decorate my house when I move out of my mother’s. I literally dream about my future house and how I will decorate it every night! Is this being a bit to obsessive? I am really considering going into Interior Design, I can be a fashion stylist and an interior designer!

How comfortable does living room look?! Imagine how it is at night with the city’s light at night! I love the colors, the furniture, the piano and just about everything in this room!
I mean…how stunning?! It would be so perfect to host dinner parties and game nights with friends!

Divine! My favorite! I’ve never seen a bathroom like this, it’s so different and designed beautifully! I want this bathroom!

Best spot to read a book or relax while on your laptop.

I can lay in bed all day and night enjoy the view and just be cozy!

The couple that is living in this apartment are very lucky! Should I do more posts about Interior design? Let me know dolls.

2 thoughts on “Obsession: Home Decor

  1. i was beginning to really feel i would probably end up being the only individual which cared about this, at least at this point i understand i’m not weird 🙂 i will make it a point to check out a few several other threads immediately after i get a little caffeine in me, it’s not easy to read with out my coffee, take care 🙂

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