A very insightful AD…

An AD all over the NYC subways…let me just paint a picture for you: Coming home from school and as I am sitting down, a super skinny girl sitting to next to me on the left, complaining about how fat she is to her friend sitting across from her and a man sitting on the other side talking about how his wife gained about 10 pounds and how he has become turned off by her. As I am sitting there late afternoon tired from school and dreading going to work, I have a Pepsi bottle and a bag of Eminems inside my bag. I look up and there is this very insightful AD, notice that human fat inside the cup? Umm yeah, needless to say I threw the ice-cold refreshing Pepsi bottle in the nearest garbage can and before I threw out my peanut Eminem’s…I ate one or two, or three. At the end of the day I felt like crap about myself, so yes I guess this AD did send out its message. Since then I have only been drinking water – I am serious – because I don’t want to drink myself fat, would you? Okay I admit, I did not cut off Pepsi completely but I have cut back on both the Pepsi and Eminems, but I will not allow anything to come in between Doritos and me.


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