Who wore it better?

Taylor Swift or Carmen Electra:

They are wearing a floral Rebecca Taylor dress. I have to go with Swift, she looks adorable, girly and summer fabulous. I like that she added a thin long necklace and that her hair is curled and put up. I would have gone with Carmen because her curves fit the dress perfectly but those boots!! It just doesn’t go!

Heidi Klum or Jennifer Lopez:

This is a tough one! Both stunners are wearing a Louis Vuitton mini. I honestly can’t choose, they both look so beautiful and their bodies are to die for! However if I had to chose between their heels, I would go with Klum’s. I love chunky and gladiator heels.

Kim Kardashian or Kourtney Kardashian

The sisters wore a one arm black dress from their tasteless Bebe collection. My choice would be Kourtney. First let me add, she looks amazing after just having a baby boy! Like I always say when wearing anything one shoulder, your hair has to put up to show off the design. So Kourt’s hair up in a pony tail is the perfect fit for a one shoulder piece. Kim having her hair down doesn’t allow the dress to speak for itself, but I do like the statement necklace she added. If Kourt had the necklace on instead it would have been perfect.


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