Trend: Ripped and Over Sized

My style is constantly changing, I don’t think anyone should label themselves when it comes to fashion because it’s always evolving and you are always trying to catch up.

Right now I am really into a laid back look. Rolled up and ripped boyfriend jeans, paired with a waist belt and a fabulous bag, all tied together by a simple v-neck shirt makes for a trendy casual outfit.

Forget the sparkly tank tops, dresses and heels. The new “girls night out” outfit is still sexy, but not as desperate. Boyfriend jeans and a tank paired with ankle boots or high heels and a scarf give off a casual stylish vibe, while the blazer completes the chic.

It is amazing how trends come up. I read in a fashion magazine recently that the ‘boyfriend shirt and jeans’ trend supposedly emerged from the concept that when a woman spends and unplanned night at her boyfriend’s place she just might pull off wearing his shirt and jeans.

According to, the ‘boyfriend jean’ is either literally a pair of your guy’s jeans, or a pair of jeans that looks and fits like it was borrowed from a guy – loose fit, low rise, cuffed hems. The best place to find them are at the GAP, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters

The boyfriend shirt is simply the “borrowed-from-your-boyfriend shirt.” It is a little over-sized making you look effortlessly chic.

Wearing the Boyfriend Shirt:

Dress it up: Most of these shirts are long and loose enough to be worn as a dress that offers comfort and super stylish. Throw on bold accessories and a belt to show your figure.

Layer it: For a casual look, wear unbuttoned boyfriend plaid shirt with a sleeveless t-shirt inside and a pair of leggings with flats to finish the look.

Upscale it: Tuck in your boyfriend shirt and wear a blazer for a stylish look. You could wear this with pants or skirt and a pair of pumps.

Wearing the Boyfriend Jeans:

Remember: They do not have to be your boyfriend’s jeans. There are many different ranges of boyfriend jeans made for women.

Loosen it: Wear your ‘boyfriend’ jeans loose and low on the hip.

Feminise it: Balance the top by wearing something feminine and tight like a vest with a chic vest.

Layer it: Layer bold pieces of necklaces and bangles and wear ballet shoes or chunky gladiators, to give the masculine jeans a more feminine look.


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