Fashion Flop

Khloe what are you wearing?! Khloe is a very pretty girl and I know she has a great sense of style but many times she misses. Khloe is tall and curvy so she really needs to learn how to dress for her figure! I also think she tries too hard to be sexy with pouting her lips all the time. She needs to figure out what pose is flattering for her for the red carpet and what looks good on her.

Let’s start with the fishnet top, the 90’s called they wanted their pile of fashion disasters back. The over the knee boots, the hookers are getting mad that you’re trying to take the ‘hooker boot’s look from them. I just don’t get it. I also don’t like when tall girls were 6 inch heels all the time, why would you want to look even taller and bigger?  I wish I can style Khloe! I would have her put on less make up, lower heels, get rid of the leggings she always wears and put her in jeans, flat thigh high boots or flats and adorable fitting tops layered with blazers or leather jackets and form-fitting dresses that have patterns and different colors.

This look is a major flop. The boots are so ugly, I don’t know why she has been spotted wearing it a lot in recent months. Boots should never cover half your thigh, she should have at least folded the upper part of the boots up to her knees. She would have looked cute if she wore a cute top with a statement necklace or a tee with a cuffed blazer/jacket with the jeans and over the knee boots instead!

And you wonder why you have been called a tranny Mrs. Odom!? Try a bit harder to better your look! You are always compared to your fame whore sister Kim Kardashian who happens to be very beautiful on top of being very annoying. I mean, I would think she would make sure to look twice in the mirror before leaving her house with the ugly outfits and excessive make up that has been here signature look. I know she can do better!

By the way, I don’t have the patience anymore to look up and edit pictures of each outfit I try to describe! Usually I would have posted pictures of good and bad outfits to try to explain myself but…honestly it’s so annoying to do and takes up a lot of time!

Here is an example of boots that are a bit over the knee but still looks good worn by Ciara, Khloe take note!:

My favorite style of boots worn by the always fashionable Nicole Richie, I am obsessed with those boots!:


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