Man Of The Week

It’s been a while since I’ve done ‘Man of the Week’ post, so in light of the NBA All Star weekend I chose Lebron James. Unlike a lot of athletes we don’t hear anything negative about him. At just 25 years old he has become one of the best basketball players of this generation, there has even been debate whether he is just as great or even better than Michael Jordan. But the best of all is that he is a family man, his longtime fiancé is his high school sweetheart  and they have two sons together. There hasn’t been any scandal about other women (groupies) and for an athlete of his status he is clean – no arrests, no leaked photos, no groupies sell outs and all the other rubbish we hear about other athletes (take Shaq and Tiger Woods for example) and you only hear about him during basketball season and when he attends events he is always seen with his fiancé.

You have to have respect for him, he was drafted at 18 years old and in less than 5 years he is already a legend in the making. He is devoted and passionate about basketball and only basketball and continues to be determined and pushes himself to extreme limits to keep getting better. He is a family man and deserves all his success, especially with a fortune of half a billion dollars. His fiancé isn’t trying to make a name for herself, you never hear anything about her, she doesn’t even do interviews or photo shoots like other athletes wives/girlfriends and even during his off-season he isn’t making headlines or trying to be seen nor is he flaunting his fortune like other annoying athletes. If he continues to stay humble, his career will only sky-rocket to a galaxy. Kudos to him.


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