Favorite Accessories

I’ve mentioned BiJuJu before, it is a chic affordable accessory boutique in South and North Carolina but they have a website where you can still snatch some of their adorable pieces! I go down to Myrtle Beach a lot and I can never leave without bag full of their goodies! The boutiques are decorated beautifully, unique and different from any other boutique you’ll see . It is elegant and upscale yet the price tags for the accessories are even more fabulous!

Here are a few of my favorite accessories:


I am a bag-a-holic! I prefer over sized bags, the bigger the better!

If only the bag was a bit bigger! I love chains on handbags and I am loving the zippers, it is a big trend this season on bags, shirts and jackets.

Adorable! The color is different and I love the style. You can hold it by hand for a night-time look or carry it on your shoulders during the day.

How cute is this clutch?! You can wear it with a fancy dress or with jeans, heels and a blazer. The zipper adds edge and I like the leather and suede combination.


They always have the best collection of rings, they are always unique. I actually have a ring I got from there four years ago! It is sterling silver and I have not taken it off my finger since. I would be so upset if I was to ever lose it!

I am loving the leaf design as an accessory now. This ring is adorable, it’s so simple and cute.

I really like this ring, it’s edgy and different.

Meow! Get catty with this ring! You can knock somebody out with this ring! I love the green eyes!


I love chunky pieces that make noise as you move your hand! I always put together different colors, texture and style of bracelets! I am the queen of mixing and matching!

I love the different patterns on this, you can mix it with so many colors and style of bracelets.

Disco fever! It’s a loud piece, I like that it glares, I love for accessories to be shiny, they have to be noticed.

Bling bling!! It sure is flashy.

I think I was born wearing a scarf! Ever since I was little I always had a bunch of them in my closet. My mother has always loved them and I remember she used to wear white button up shirts, red lipstick and a scarf around her neck, it was in the 90’s and it was and still is in style.

I love this shade of grey. It would go blend perfectly with a white shirt.

The circle scarf! I’ve mentioned them before. This trend is here to stay, you don’t have to worry about how to tie or wrap your scarf any more! I also love that both men and women can wear them.

I like different colors and different patterns on scarves. Have fun with them, they are the icing on the cake if you are wearing a plain shirt. Also, you can wear them as shall’s for a night out.

The website is http://bijuju.com/. Check it out, it is still a work in progress. So obviously not everything at the boutiques is on the site yet. Also, if you live in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, SC or Wilmington or Raleigh, NC stop by one of their stores. And if you are on Facebook, became a fan at facebook.com/bijuju and follow them on Twitter, twitter.com/bijuju.


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