I got on Twitter to promote my blog and it has helped. It is also entertaining and kills time when you are bored. Especially when I am in school in between classes. I like how advanced it is and you can learn about topics also and you can have discussions with other people from all over the world. My favorite is when there is an award show and the celebs that are there are tweeting pictures and talking about what is going on behind the scenes and when other people are talking about it, it is so entertaining! By the way, Fabolous is the best celeb on Twitter. He literally keeps me laughing with the discussions he creates and the jokes he makes on other celebs during award shows or when they make news. If you are on it, you have to follow him @myfabolouslife.

I also love supporting other peoples blogs when they show support for mine. So check out an aspiring musicians pretty cool blog. Twitter name is @makome11y. “My music is done as a type of therapy to get me through watever it is I’m goin through which mostly seems to be heartbreak”…we sure can all relate to that! Check out the blog,

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