Saints not Kardashian

I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the amount of coverage Kim Kardashian has received over the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory. The Saints win the first championship in their franchise history and yet there is so much focus on Kim. All I have heard is about a pending proposal, a rumor in which she started when she was doing a radio interview and has not stop denying it over and over again. I get the ‘Reggie’s gold luck charm’ but no, I am not with it. An athlete’s performance comes from their determination and drive not their wives or girlfriends. Of course they are there to support them after a loss and celebrate with them after a win but again, it’s the fuel that the athlete has inside that drives him to explode with excellence on the field or on the court. Nothing else comes in the way of a man and his passion. The credit is to all their doing, no one else.

So why do I keep hearing about Kim Kardashian? This isn’t about the media attention whore, it’s about Coach Payton, Drew Brees who knocked down five of the greatest quarter backs in the NFL all season and has become one of the greatest himself. This is about the Saints, as a team and their magic. It’s also bigger than football, it’s about the city of New Orléans that housed thousands of homeless in the super dome after Katrina and four years later they are back in the dome as champions – the dome that holds so much history. When no one ever thought they would make even it in the play offs or had any faith in the Saints franchise they proved that hard work, perseverance pays off in the end and it was destiny. This was meant to happen to the city that never lost hope, that bonded together through tough times and can now finally have a celebration while continuing to rebuild the city.

Oh! and girls, Bush wasn’t even effective in the game yet all I saw on Twitter and Facebook statues is ‘Congratulations Bush and Kim on the win’ but he is one of the best in the NFL so to praise him just because he is with Kardashian and not for his ethics, is wrong. And besides why are you congratulating her?!

Bush was being interviewed on NFL network and Kim ended up being interviewed as well. As the commentators were asking Reggie and his teammate questions they saw Kim walking towards the little stage and pointed her out and she took it as a cue to walk up and join the guys. Reggie looked irritated and his teammate then ignored as he doted on his daughter. I won’t explain further, just watch the video. Regardless I would never have done an interview. She had no place to do one and there was no point to it. Like TV Host Wendy Williams always says about her ’she has to make everything about herself’! I know she is a famous figure but still, it wasn’t her place, it’s football not Hollywood and just because she is dating an NFL player doesn’t mean she can be a part of his success. She has done six radio interviews already and I know it won’t be the end of it. She is just too much.

My thing against is her and how she came about. She shot to super star fame over a sex tape, in which landed her modeling gigs, a huge reality show, Play Boy, fragrance and fashion design deals and many more countless endorsements that enabled her financial success with a net worth of $10 million in the last two years. Good for her, you can’t knock anyone’s hustle down. (The huge fascination about her is her beauty and that she does have a cute figure, she sure is beautiful so I can’t blame her for being so full of herself!) It’s also the media’s fault for continuing to cover her – talk about her, feature her and put her in their front pages and make it seem like there is a purpose of her success. She has no talent, all she does is exploit her how do girls ‘look up to her’? I laugh when I see and hear she has fans, why not look up to real women, women who have worked hard to get to where they are and you barely hear about them in tabloids, women such as Pink or Scarlet Johanssen and many more who have earned their success and have a purpose, a purpose that isn’t about how many magazine covers they are in, being out in paparazzi infested spots in Hollywood and how many endorsements they can get.

But it will never end with her, she always finds way to made headlines. It’s as if she has given up her soul for fame. She has become greedy with it and her head has gotten so big. She is a beautiful girl and she isn’t the only girl with a big ass and how many times do we have to hear about her talking about her body, how she loves her curves yet she has a line of fitness DVD’s, diet supplement endorsement deal and literally in every magazine she talks about her body and so forth. Honestly I don’t think she can ever live without fame. It’s sad and I am tired of her, the rest of the reality TV stars and the media for promoting them and placing Kardashian in ‘super stardom’.

Also, it was reported when the Saints won Kim and her mother immediately rushed and Kim pushed her way onto the field to get the celebratory shot with Bush and since only family is allowed and they took the family pass, his mother, father and brother were not permitted on the field till the stadium cleared up.

Why can’t Reggie Bush get some glory without Kim Kardashian everywhere? Matter of fact, why should he be the one to get attention from being with her? She is nothing but a media whore. He and his team played and won the game last night, not the Kardashian’s. Why can’t she just stop taking this as another way to gain publicity for herself? But more importantly…why won’t she shut up and not make everything about herself and just go away, far far away?!?! Her 15 minutes of fame keeps finding an excuse to extend!

The champions are taking the trophy home today and there will be a parade tomorrow. I can’t imagine the amount of love and appreciate the residents of New Orleans will have for the boys, they deserve it and so does the city. I can just see it now, the coaches, the players, the thousands of fans praising them and of course Kim Kardashian making sure she gets seen.

To be honest the only sad part of the Saints winning is this parasitic family, mostly Kim latching on to Reggie Bush and his victory.


After I wrote this post a few hours ago, I went home to find Kim Kardashian in every TV interview talking about how proud she is of him and the Saints and footage showed her posing for pictures on the field…typical. Then, I finally see Reggie Bush in interviews but all I kept hearing where questions regarding the ring!!!! Reggie answered every interviewer with the same answer “There is a time and place for that and it isn’t now, it’s about our team and New Orleans.” You can see the frustration on the man’s face! Kim has always talked about her hopes to get married but it got heavier when Khloe got married and Kourtney had a baby. She now has the world asking and begging Reggie to put a ring on it! She basically has the media begging and pressuring him to propose. OMG…I am done with this subject, she struck a nerve with me with her actions last night, she even managed to set the standards for media whoring and she is the one who masterminded it!


Reports are flying that they did indeed get engaged. Kim’s biggest dream for even more public attention has finally come true. Here is the official statement that is hitting the net:

‘Sources in Miami for the Super Bowl festivities, report that the owner of the restaurant himself, Myles Chefetz, confirmed it last night.Mr. Chefetz even dished the details to Luda’s table: Reggie popped the question in a private corner of the restaurant with both his and Kim’s family there. In the pics of the couple leaving the restaurant Friday, it was obvious that Kim was hiding her left hand. And Reggie was even caught checking her hand, possibly to see if it was covered. Kim “publicity hog” Kardashian keeping this a secret is a miracle. But she’s likely holding off on officially announcing the news because it’s her Super Bowl champ man’s time to shine. Or she’s just holding off for the highest bidder to pay her for the full story. Either way, looks like Kim’s much expressed wish has come true. Maybe Kim’s second time getting married will be the charm. Congrats to the couple.’


According to reports in New Orleans and family members of some of Reggie’s teammates, Kim tried very hard to bombard her way onto the Saint’s victory float during the parade but was denied. She was also trying very hard to be seen but she had to stay on another float with the players wives and New Orleans isn’t Hollywood and frankly they don’t give a crap about her, like I said it’s about the SAINTS!


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