Favorite Grammy Performance

In light of this past weekends Grammy, I chose to put up my favorite Grammy performance of all time! It was last year and it ended the show with a bang! All four of my all time favorite rappers, T.I, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

When the song first came out I thought to myself if they were to ever perform it, it would be nice if they all match wearing all black, well they read my mind without actually reading it! They all matched with wearing suits! They looked so handsome!! The thing I love most about rappers is how they perform, they give it their all and spit their heart out. They go hard, son!

And how brave was MIA?! She was nine months pregnant and it was literally her due date! She is one tough cookie! I don’t blame her for not skipping out, I would not want to miss being a part of this great performance!

I love this song, I love each rappers verse. The song was very well put together, the way their style of rap blended was amazing. They are four of the greatest rappers of all time. It doesn’t get any better then them!!


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