Grammys 2010

Lady CaCa in custom-made Armani, she looked like she was dropped from the solar system. It’s not fashion, its costume and it’s bad. She should surprise us one time and actually look like a lady.

Taylor Swift in a Kaufman Franco gown. It’s boring and typical. She always has her hair styled the same, in curls and she always wears sparkly, metallic and glittery dresses. She is also young, she should have fun and play with different looks while sticking to her roots. I also think the dress would have looked better if it weren’t for the sparkly embellishments.

Beyonce in a Stephanie Rolland gold gown. She looked like a golden globe. It may have been her night, as she broke Grammy history with her wins but it defiantly wasn’t her fashionable night. The hair should never watch your gown. She also has some type of glitter in her hair that makes her look cheap and tacky. Her hair is also styled plain, I hate plain and the light locks doesn’t look good on her. The dress looks like it was a curtain that was then made to be a dress. The stitching and pattern is hideous. I loved her earnings, but it would have shown and looked better if her hair was up in a ponytail and with a strapless gown on, other than that it was an ugly look on her.

Rihanna in Elie Saab couture gown. First, her hair looks awful and second, the dress is awful. I don’t like white on the red carpet, I think cream or off-white would be more appropriate. The dress would have looked decent if there weren’t any feathers, she looked like a swan that was being strangled.

Britney Spears…who even knew she was in attendance?! Well, she was and she was trying to get attention by wearing this. She was almost decked out in Dolce & Gabanna. ..the designers didn’t finish making this! I just don’t understand it. Her hair looks good, I like brunette on her. She isn’t wearing a dress, so I am assuming it is a leotard covered in see through fishnet. Only Britney would wear something like this!

Katey Perry
…what the fffff is that?! Can someone explain that to me? She was wearing a Zac Posen gown. It reminds me of a gold construction paper and kids decorated it by gluing in studs and confetti on it. It is just hideous; so is her short bangs, that isn’t banging!

Miley Cyrus…17 going on 37, as always. It’s a Herve leger mini dress.This is the most covered I have seen her. The excessive make up is not necessary and those extensions are horrible. She looks like a cheap rock star wannabe. Why can’t she act and live her age is beyond me..but I guess that is what fame and money does to little girls. They grow up too fast.

Jennifer Lopez in Versace…this is one of the worst looks I’ve seen her in. The half dress is ugly, apparently the desiginer ran out of ideas for this dress. But as always her hair and make up looks flawless and her body looks amazing.

Mary J. Blidge in Gucci. Boring, I have seen that look a lot on the red carpet. Her hair, looks like Rihanna’s and again, it’s awful. I like the color on her though.

Ciara in Givenchy…what in living hell is this?! Is she auditioning to be a demonatrix?! I just can’t get into this disaster…NEXT!


Pink in Tony Word couture gown. She looked beautiful! For a rocker and a bad ass, she transforms into feminine and glamorous and she does it best. I don’t like the hair!! But it’s Pink! Short hair is the style she has rocked since she started. The dress fits her beautifully.

Keri Hilson in Dolce & Gabana, the peach colored gown is beautiful and she looks amazing in it! She got snubbed for Best New Artist! No one ever heard of the band that won! Anyway, she looked glamorous. My favorite look of the night.

Over all, I thought it was an okay show. Award shows are getting boring. I liked it better a few years ago, when it was fun and unexpected. Now hardly any artists show up and half of them get snubbed. Just isn’t the same anymore. The performances were good, but long. More than half of the awards were given out in a pre telecast event before the Grammys went live. Also, regarding the Michael Jackson tribute, I like the song they chose. Celine Dion, Usher, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood sounded great. But, it was odd pairing and what kind of tribute was that for the King Of Pop?! There is no one else that could honor Jackson as Chris Brown could. If anyone is to honor him it should be him and only him. About the 3D thing, what the heck? What was the point of it? And how are people at home going to have 3D glasses on? And how about showing a montage of Jackson instead of a little girl in nature. I also hope this is the last we see of his children, enough exploiting them.

Beyonce – Her performance was pretty dull. We always expect her to put on a great show, and she always delivers but last night wasn’t one of those nights. I loved how she came out with the guys behind her but then I was surprised to hear her singing “If I were a Boy”, she came out with that single a year ago and it wasn’t nominated, and we are pretty much sick of ‘Single Ladies’, so why didn’t she perform a nominated single “Halo”? I kept thinking she was going to stop and start busting out dance moves! Vocally she is amazing, but she didn’t sound as good as she usually does. It was lackluster and boring for a Beyonce performance. (Look at Rihanna watching Beyonce, she was probably thinking to herself “I can’t sing or dance, yet I am considered a pop star but look at her, this is what a true artist is and I will never be that.”)

Pink – I love, love Pink! She is a true artist. Her music touches my soul, I can truly connect to her words and hear and feel her pain. She tells stories and I cry along relating to what she is saying. She is just amazing. Her performance was unbelievable! I love the circe se loi influenced performance. Who else can sing live while upside down?! Rihanna can’t even sing standing still. Afterwards she said “No no one has an excuse to lip sync.” One thing, I didn’t really get was the wet part, especially being wet on top of everyone and sprinkling water on them! And since when did she become an under rated artist? She gets nominated but never wins anymore. She should be the one people should pay attention to for a real musician, not artists like Rihanna that can’t sing, don’t write their own music or can’t even put on a show!

Taylor Swift – She isn’t as great as everyone makes her out to be. She is talented, but I feel like ever since the incident with Kanye West her career skyrocketed. Everyone feels bad for her now. Well, everyone needs to get over it! Her music is good, her album sold millions but I don’t see her lasting in the music business.

Jay Z’s win – Jay Z won his 10th Grammy!! I love him! He is also Rihanna’s Grammy good luck charm! She won her third Grammy with the help of Jay Z. (Umbrella and twice for Run This Town) The little boy is Beyonce’s adorable nephew! Jay said as he got up he felt something on his leg, turned out bringing him up wasn’t planned. Julez held on tight to his legs and set his mind on going up there with his Uncle! So cute! As Rihanna and Jay walked up holding Julez hand, I thought it was cute how they looked like bride and groom and as a little family! Hence, the white gown she has on. Ha! Oh! and how cute was Beyonce’s acceptance speech?! I thought it was about time she acknowledged him as her husband, let alone say ‘I love you’ to him in front of millions! His reaction was priceless, he looked just as surprised as everyone else! It sure was a special night for her and it was nice to see her truly be herself.

The Mute! – Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne were the best for last! I love this song and they did great! Kanye West is featured on the song as well, so I knew he wasn’t going to be there to perform but I was holding on to hope that he would surprise us! I love him and the the media needs to get over what he did already! I hope when he comes back with another genius album he will get the recognition and nominations deserved! And what was up with the muting?!?! Seriously, what the hell was up with that?! They weren’t even cursing, and if they were they could have censored the curse words instead of a verse! Jeesh!

So, when do you think Chris Brown and Kanye West will be allowed back in award shows or TV events?! It’s getting ridiculous! Anyway, what were your thoughts? I’d love to know.


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