When peacocks & tutu’s throw up on you…

What in the blue hell was this?! I read somewhere in a blog that they considered their get ups high fashion and fabulous..I almost gagged! As a student of fashion I can’t stand it when hideous and ridiculous outfits like that are considered high fashion. There is no way they feel feminine and sexy while wearing what it is that they are wearing! It looks like peacocks and tutus threw up on them.

Singer Ciara has never impressed when it comes to fashion. I have never seen her wear something decent, I always say that she needs ot fire who ever styles her! She over does it, she just tries to hard. No matter how great her songs are or how amazing her dance moves are she doesn’t really get the recognition deserved because she is in the shadow of the only powerful female R&B singer Beyonce and now apparently Rihanna.

Ciara was decked out in  Givenchy Couture Spring 2010 ensemble. This is just hideous. How does she feel attractive?! I just don’t get it…if you want attention from the media ‘leak’ naked pictures of yourself like Rihanna did or just do something other than looking like a damn fool. It’s just wrong and who ever thinks this is fashion, not only do they not know anything about it but I feel bad for them if they think this is anything other than hideous.

Another attention whore for the night. I can’t stand the girl, she has no talent. She can’t sing, dance, act or even dress. Yet she has had hit songs written by producers that made her become a hit maker, she has Jay Z who introduced her to the entertainment world and who has her back and has shot to super stardom with the whole mess that happened between her and Chris Brown last year. A lot of people have placed her in the category of fashionable, high fashion and so forth. Umm, a lot of these people need a new pair of eyes. Granted she is original, she dresses how she wants and doesn’t care what anyone says but it doesn’t mean she or Lady Caca aka Lady Gaga should be named as one of the most fashionable women in the world. Anyway, her tutued dress was ridiculous and so is her hair! Oh! and in case any of you were interested on who the desginer of this was, they are Viktor & Rolf’s Spring and it was from Summer 2010 collection.  The designers have described the line as “credit card crunch” couture.

Ciara – Again, you upstage me! Can’t a girl have one night! I came here looking like a ostrich tonight so I can have some attention and you show up with this coloring book or tutu..or whatever it is that you are wearing!

Rihanna – It’s all about me, always will be! Don’t you remember what happened to me last year?! So kiss my ass just like everyone else has been doing.

Ciara – Um…why is everyone staring at us like this?

Rihanna – Uh, hello don’t you see how ridiculous we look! But keep smiling, this is how you get attention. Beyonce ain’t got shit on us tonight!

Ciara – But how am I going to snag a rapper? Don’t they like us half naked like how we always are, I am feeling too over dressed. I am feeling so claustrophobic.

Rihanna – Get away from me. Remember I am victim of abuse. It’s all about me!

And as for the rest of the night everyone looked at them and wondered to themselves ‘what the fuck do they have on’?!


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