Look of The Week

Last week Jessica Simpson was chosen for Fashion Flop.

This week she bounced back with a casual adorable outfit and is this weeks ‘Look Of The Week’. I usually don’t do a post more than once about a celeb but I really liked what she is wearing. It also shows the difference of what she wore last week wasn’t fitting for her body and how this outfit is.

Simpson was spotted out to dinner with friends last night, she wore washed out light blue skinny jeans, a black tank top, white blazer and an adorable necklace. It’s simple, but I really like it. That necklace is so darn cute!! I want it! And unlike her attempt to look sophisticated, that wasn’t working at all, this casual look does. She has a very cute figure and like I said before she needs to find what works for her and this defiantly does. All it took is tight form-fitting jeans and a top that doesn’t make you look big and a jacket to make the outfit complete and high heels to give you extra boost that also makes you look thin.

Honestly, it’s all I’ve been wearing lately. Right now I am really into jackets, tight jeans and a pair of heels. I am curvy, my waist is smaller than my thighs so I finally found what works for my body. I used to wear loose tops that made me look pregnant. Now, if I wear a loose-fitting top I add a blazer and a necklace or a thin belt around my waist to showcase my figure. It is layers being added the right way, skinny tight jeans is all I wear. I don’t wear leggings or any type of jeans. Some say skinny jeans should only be for skinny girls but I disagree! Do you guys agree with me?

I will do a post about jeans and what to wear to flatter your figure.

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