Holding hands? No, holding oranges.

When I first saw a picture of Jay Z and Beyonce holding hands, I was like “Aw!, finally they act as if they actually know each other!” but then, I notice that what is uniting them are oranges! Seems like The Carters were trying to trick the paparazzi because upon first glance it looks like they’re showing the very rare affection of holding hands. But nope, they are holding oranges..why oranges? Odd, but cute.

Beyonce is always changing her hair, always. I like this look on her, the color and the bangs are looking banging! But my favorite hair color on her is when she had it black with full curls. Now about the outfit…it would have been so cute if she would have worn black jeans not leather pants! It’s too much leather! I love the boots she has on!! Side note – Jay Z was named one of the 25 stylish men in the world…the man does know how to dress, but sometimes the baggy jeans that he tends to always wear doesn’t cut it. He does have style but I have seen better. For him to be named one of the most stylish out of 25 men is a bit of a stretch. Don’t you think?


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