Mother Gone Wild

I don’t know who and how this woman is famous and why paparazzi seems to follow her. I didn’t even bother looking up her information, I am familiar of her by seeing her pictures on blogs and magazines. One day I was watching a reality show titled ‘Leave it to Lamas‘, apparently the father is a washed up actor and Shauna Sand is his ex wife. She is a play boy model, had kids with him and had an ugly divorce that ended up with accusations of having an affair with her step son. When I go on my daily gossip sites, I sometimes see her pictures and see how she is dressed while with her children none the less. It’s disgusting.

The way she dresses is how hookers used to dress in the late 90’s, at least they upgraded their wardrobe, she should too. No, actually she needs a complete make over. You’re a mother for god sake! She has three daughters that are under 13 years old. What kind of example are you setting?? the stripper heels…seriously? Why?!. The huge fake boobs don’t need to be shown every single time your out. You don’t need for your closet to consist of half-naked small pieces of items – whether with your kids or out partying – to feel sexy. A woman is sexy and beautiful when she is classy, it doesn’t matter how she looks and how slutty she dresses, that isn’t appealing. It’s about class and how you represent yourself.

If that was my mother I would be mortified. Maybe the little girls don’t understand it, maybe they think that this is how mothers dress and it’s normal. I would hope for their sake that they never ever say “mommy I want to look like you”. Every girl says that to her mother and we love to play with our mothers closet. When I was younger I thought my mother was the most fashionable woman in the world and used to sit in her closet for hours, dressing up with her pearls, scarves, red lipstick and shoulder padded jackets.

I am just disgusted. I can’t believe this is how a woman in this day and age dresses, but mostly that this is how she dresses in front of her children. She can be the greatest, most loving mother to these girls but how can people ever think that and take her seriously and not judge her with how she displays herself? How do you earn respect when you are out with see through netted dresses showing off your goodies? I think she needs to let go from being a mother gone wild and being stuck in her play boy days and transform herself into a decent respected woman and remember that she is a mother.


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