Heidi Montag: Gone Too Far

We all look in the mirror and wish we can change something in our appearance. Whether we feel like we have a big nose, small breast, big ears or a long chin. None of us will ever be satisfied with ourselves. But we tend to forget that we look the way we do for a reason, we come from our parents. God made us who we are so we can represent ourselves and our individuality.

I am not against plastic surgery at all. I do feel that if you really don’t like something about yourself and is willing to change it, then why not. A nose job, breast implants…it’s become the norm for our generation. However I am against molding a new face and going over board with it.

Lets talk Heidi Montag. She stars on MTV The Hills alongside her husband Spencer Pratt together they are not only reality stars but attention whores that literally do anything and everything for publicity and unlike Kim Kardashian they aren’t afraid to admit to their media whoring ways.

We first met Heidi on the first season of The Hills, she was best friends and roommates with Lauren Conrad. She wasn’t as famous as LC, she was just a fashion student that moved to LA from Colorado that got lucky. I will admit, when I first saw her I didn’t think she was attractive but she wasn’t ugly. She was an average looking girl with an average style.

Every season came with a different Heidi. She went from no make up and short dark blond hair that dresses in jeans and tops to blonder locks, tight dresses and full on make up. Then came Spencer Pratt. We watched her change her self in the midst of being in the relationship. She became his muse and only existing in his world. She transformed. Her and Spencer started to be everywhere in the media bashing Conrad and coming up with rumors and trying to ruin her reputation. They would tip of paparazzi and they would stage photo shoots as candid shots so it can be featured in magazines.

She first had breast implants and a nose job. She admitted to have been made fun of when she was younger because she was flat chested, had a big nose and a ‘Jay Leno’ chin. The changes she made weren’t drastic as it is now. Girls related to her insecurities and understand the minor changes she had done.

I think having that much work done on yourself shows how ugly she is on the inside. There is such a thing as overboard and she’s definitely gone there. Ten producers in one day is ridiculous. Thankfully she came out of the surgery room healthy and alive. As we know that is mostly not the case when it comes to plastic surgeries. She pictures may come out sexier and prettier now, but what do you really see when you are looking at yourself? Do you see your old self, your second self or the 3.0 version of yourself?

The 10 procedures she had done are:

  • Mini brow lift – Was this seriously necessary?!
  • Botox in the forehead – Why?! Your only 23!
  • Nose job revision – The first time she got it done, looked fine!
  • Fat injections in cheeks and lips – Again, why?!
  • Chin reduction – I can understand that part.
  • Neck liposuction – Didn’t even know that existed! At 23 what do you need to have done on your neck?!!?
  • Ears pinned back – I just don’t get it…
  • Breast augmentation revision – She is so tiny! Why put balloons on your body?!
  • Liposuction on her waist and thighs – She had the cutest figure before!
  • Buttocks augmentation – This is just too much.

Heidi erased her genetics. What if she has kids one day and she won’t remember how she looked like before to compare her kids features to hers? What if she has a daughter one day, how can she tell her that beauty is on the inside with what she has done to herself? I think that she is forgetting that fame comes and goes. Being a reality star, a pop star or an actress is only temporary. In interviews she keeps mentioning that there is a difference between her and other girls that would “look up” to her because of her career path. She kept mentioning fame and being a pop star. I believe that on top of her insecurities she did this to herself thinking she will be the most beautiful woman and her sex appeal will sell records. Women like Beyonce or Alicia Keys are the most successful and beautiful women in the world. Their sex appeal doesn’t come from skimpy clothes or half-naked photo shoots. It comes from their natural beauty, and the fact that have real talent!

When a reporter said to her that she looks fake and plastic almost like a Barbie, Heidi had a huge grin on her face saying she loves that and she wishes to have her own Barbie one day. She also said she isn’t done, she wants more and denies that she is obsessed and addicted to plastic surgery. The girl needs help, instead of getting all these surgeries done to change herself she should have went for a brain surgery to fix herself mentally. “I think I look like myself. I think I just look like a different, improved version of myself,” she said.

Heidi has expressed how religious she is and how important GOD is to her, how praying every night, going to church and reading the Bible every night is a huge part of her life and who she is. Yet, she has done Play Boy, she has had all these cosmetic operations done and she constantly lies and creates stories about her life to gain fame. Where does GOD fit in? If you were really spiritual and read the Bible daily, you would know that God tells you that you are beautiful how you are and that beauty is truly within. At the end of all the money and popularity you may achieve in life, God, family and you all come before anything, it is all you have left when your world spins and you can’t keep it still. He is the creator, not you.

She also lied and said that she almost died after surgery. She claimed she was given too much Demoral, same medication that killed Michael Jackson. Her plastic surgeon denied that and he said that the surgery was done successfully. She also didn’t mention it on her first reveal before all the media interviews in People Magazine. So her lying about this also shows how hungry she is for attention. How she will go so far for fame. I don’t think she knew who she was before the fame, getting married and she defiantly won’t know now. She has let go of herself, she sculpted her being and she isn’t human…she is plastic. She is living as if she is a real life Barbie. It’s quiet said. It really is.

I wonder what her conversation with her husband was like. Is she a muse where he can use her image for more publicity to maintain fame and add money to his pockets? I just can’t wrap my head around it. She is only 23 years old, she is already married and now has gone through 12 plastic surgeries in total. What happens when she gets older? What happens when she gets pregnant? She has said that Spencer was very upset about her decision and was against it. In my opinion…it’s bullshit, he may have been upset but as her husband and protector he could have stopped her.

I do believe that Spencer loves her for who she is, he has been with her before having any plastic surgeries done. I wonder if he will stay with her after all of this. I wonder what he thinks when he looks at her and see that her face isn’t the same face he fell in love with a few years ago.

Before having any of this done her husband and her plastic surgeon should have forced her to seek help. Talk to someone and find out what it is that is making her hate how she looks and what had made her think about all these changes she wants done. Her surgeon did do an amazing job, I am not going to deny that. But he should have thought about how young and fame driven she is before performing all these surgeries.

Actress Emmy Rousim expressed her thoughts on Twitter and I couldn’t agree more: “It upsets me to see young women in the spotlight advocating plastic surgery. ANY surgery is extremely dangerous and should not be taken lightly, much less, used as a tool to increase notoriety or popularity.
By putting this on magazine covers, we are somehow legitimizing the dangerous lengths to which some will go for fame and “beauty”. There are so many REAL ISSUES in this world that NEED attention. Let’s try to take a moment to be grateful we are ALIVE.”

And as for what’s driving her and others women, researchers say the media is part of the problem, bombarding us with images of this ideal Barbie-doll person that’s unattainable without being anorexic or with the help of cosmetic surgeries and more. The result, especially for someone who starts at such a young age, could be dangerous on a psychological level.

“I think, fundamentally, when somebody goes on for many, many, many procedures, and starts at a young age, they’re trying to change something about themselves, they want to become a new person, and you can’t just do that through a scalpel,” said Debbie Then, a California-based psychologist who specializes in women and appearance. “The bottom line is they want to in some way change who they are because they’re not happy with it at the core,” and that problem can be more of a psychological one, she said.

I do believe that the media is out fault for adding more insecurities and pressure to young women everywhere; famous or not. But I also believe that it is up to us to stop ourselves from these lewd images and thoughts. We need to find our inner beauty and confidence. If you really aren’t with yourself seek help. If you aren’t being told how beautiful you are, tell yourself. If you are being told to lose weight by family or friends, remember you are the only looking in the mirror. You are the one living in your skin. Live for yourself not for the world. Especially being in your 20’s is crucial, we are figuring out who we are and what we want out of life and from ourselves. I always say that being a woman is the hardest battle, we are our worst enemy and worst critic. We will never win against our self, so why spend the rest of our life picking a fight? We aren’t ugly, only our thoughts are.

Check her out in this ridiculous interview.


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