Help Haiti

Ever since I was a little girl I would get so upset when I would see
homeless begging for food, kids my age or older out in the streets wearing ripped dirty clothes
begging for money. I hate seeing anyone suffer and those who
know me know I have an unlucky medical record, I’ve seen kids fighting for their lives in hospitals and no matter how many operations I’ve had, I knew I was still lucky. I prayed for them and wish I can take their
pain away from them. I never complain about pain, home nurses, 11
operations & the rest of my ordeal, yet girls complain about a
boyfriend, gossip and all the things people waste their energy on
that doesn’t matter. I’ve lived out of the states for four years when I
was 5 year sold and I have seen a lot of things that people in other
countries go through, my heart has been broken many times. I always
wanted to put on a cape & save the world. But I can’t, no one can
but we can help in our own ways. We are lucky to be living in one of
the richest countries & have what we have. So, please pray, but
more importantly, another way you can help Haiti after their 7.0
earthquake: Donate $5 by texting YELE to 501501 and by visiting the
website. You spend your money carelessy on superficial and
materialistic things,donating a few bucks won’t hurt.

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