Breaking it Down: Hits or Misses?

Miley Cyrus…I can’t sand her. I don’t think she should be considered a role model for little girls. She has had negative controversies time after time, to half-naked pictures, tattoo under her chest, how she dresses, how she carries herself, dating a much older guy, as well as leaked candid shots of her posing inappropriately. This generation is in the shit hole. But, lets keep it about style. I never like what she wears, she always dresses a lot older than she is and shows a lot of skin for her age. So when I saw her with this outfit, I thought that she finally looks cute and age appropriate. This is how girls her age should dress when they want to look stylish and edgy. She should dress her age more often, she is too young to look old and slutty.

French actress Marion Cotillard dazzles when she is on the red carpet. I love the Elie Saab one shoulder mini dress. I love the limited accessories, but she should have added a bright-colored earning, something small and simple but something to make the black dress pop. I don’t like the single black bracelet, maybe adding a few bracelets that are black with studded establishment would have looked better. As for the metallic pumps, I am not crazy about them. Another pair would have worked better, but it isn’t bad. Also, the hair up and away from your shoulders is always a good thing when you are wearing a one shoulder dress or top.

Seriously?! I already discussed short hair on the above post so I won’t elaborate on that again. Christina looks like a mess. I love her, the girl can sing but she doesn’t really catches a high pitch with her style. She looked like she was wearing a negligée! The dress (night-gown) looks awful. I am starting to think that who ever has styled her for the past years is partially blind and maybe so is Christina. I feel like once you become a mom, there is a certain point where you can look sexy, not looking trashy but instead classy! Doesn’t mean you have to change who you are and what you love to wear but tone it down a notch. She just looked horrible. The hair, the dress, the make up…it’s all too much and too tacky. Only great thing about her get up is the Christian Louboutin heels. Those are actually my favorite! I feel bad for them, they have to show off their beauty with an ugly dress.

I love simple outfits. Hilary Duff looks adorable, casual and comfortable. I love the scarf, I like cardigans with tees and I am not crazy about tights, because I feel like it is being worn out!! But, it does go with the casual outfit, and I like the boots!  And lets not even discuss the $11,000 Hermes back that she is carrying! I also think her hair up in a pony tail looks cute.

I like but I don’t like Khloe. Fame has changed her. She craves attention, thankfully not like her self observed fame whore sister Kim but I can’t blame her. Being associated with the Kardashian name means you have to become a famewhore yourself. Anyyyywho, sometimes she dresses cute but more times she doesn’t. I have seen her in many cute outfits on her show and sometimes candidly but when it comes to the red carpet, she always misses. She has a hard time knowing how to dress to flatter her body. She is tall, so why wear 6 inch heels all the time? Especially when she wears tights and shirts as dresses with thigh high boots that looks hookerish. Anyway, the picture I chose is just so boring, blah and too plain. It’s an H&M dress. She should have added a cream or embellished blazer to give the outfit life or at least some accessories, like a statement necklace! It just doesn’t go for her body, it makes her look big. Also, the heels are ugly.

Oooh, speaking of the queen fame whore herself! You all know I have a hard time not including her on my blog because the bish can dress…a lot of the time! As for this, I like the fuzzy vest a lot, I like it with the plain black tee and a simple necklace…however, it would have looked a lot better with a pair of jeans! Kim has worn out leggings. More than half the time you see her, she is wearing them. It doesn’t look good with everything. I love a pair of jeans, I would chose them over anything. Oh and the $11,000 Hermes bag…going from a sex tape star to modeling, fitness, “designing”, spokesperson, “acting” and exposing everything that happens in your life for media attention is paying off.

Leighton Meester…okay, first of all what was she thinking? Second of all, it looks like a curtain or something a ten-year old would wear. The color, the ruffles and the fit is just hideous…but, the shoes are cute.

Leona Lewis. What is wrong with some of these stylists and celebs that allow them to dress them like this?! She looks like she is going to her Junior prom. Aside from the dress, she layered it with stockings. It probably would have looked better without them. The dress and the shoes look cheap. I need to become a stylist ASAP!!

Vanessa Hudgens. When she is hitting the red carpet…sometimes she nails it and most times she doesn’t. However, when it comes to her street style she looks effortlessly chic. She has the bohemian, care free style which I love. This outfit is very simple, but it is cute. It reminds me of my style. I love chiffon blouses that are plain or that has floral prints.


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