Hair addition: Which looks better?

As I have mentioned before on a earlier post , I hate short hair on woman. It isn’t feminine and…I just don’t like it! But, If I had to choose which hair style from the picture shown of Rihanna, I would go with curly. It’s cute. It’s funky and different. The straight hair mushroom hair cut is ugly on a woman and it’s not flattering.

I like both hair styles on Nicole Richie. I love the waves with the blonde locks and I love the color and hair cut with the brunette do.  I really like both, both hair colors and both hair cuts. Nicole is one of the few that can pull off both hair colors. But, I feel like the darker do makes her look younger and vibrant. The bangs are looking banging on her!

For someone who is in fashion now, she needs a lot of help in that department. I don’t like her style. I do not think it’s high fashion. I will leave that for another post, after all we are talking about hair now, right?! Again, I do not like the short blunt hair cuts on a woman. I love that it is growing out now and hopefully she keeps it that way and lets it grow out longer. I actually like the hair length on her now and she would look a lot better with longer dark locks.

Taylor Swift! She is boring. She always has her hair curly with the bangs on the side and when she is on the red carpet she still has it curly and styled on the side. When I saw her with the straight hair…I was surprised! She looks beautiful! It’s crazy how different she looks. I love it. She should do it more often. The curly hair is getting boring on her, she doesn’t even change-up the style of the curls it looks like that, she should at least change it up a little. I love, love the straight hair!

The country star is very talented. She changed up her style a lot throughout the past few years. I like it. As for which look I like the most, I have to go with the full long waves on the left. I don’t like the side shorter hair on her. It would have looked better it if wasn’t put on the side. I love hair dos like the one on the left. The bangs are perfectly side swept, I love it a lot.

I can’t stand the girl. I think she acts older than she is. Your nineteen years old, act like it! Anyyyyyyyway, here is  Hayden Panettiere. My choice would be the lighter look with no bangs. The one of her with the short hair and short bangs adds ten years to her age. She looks a lot older and…it just doesn’t look good! The other one makes her look young, fresh and cute.

Okay, what is up with Penelope Cruz short bangs cut? It looks like a ten-year old cut it. I don’t like, I don’t like at all. I like the hair color, but not the hair style. I also like the full curls she has on the right.

What in the world has Christina Aguilara done to herself?! Beside that she pouts on an ounce of make up with her signature red lips. Her hair isn’t even blonde, that is white hair. It doesn’t look natural at all. With the addition of the make up and the white hair, she just looks so fake. And now she is sporting a bob….it looks like she got angry one night and started cutting her hair herself. She needs a new make over. She is a mom, so she needs to stop trying to be the life version of Barbie.

What do you guys of the pictures and choices I have chosen? Do you agree or disagree with me? I’d love to know dolls!

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