Artist & Song of the Week

This week I chose Britney Spears new hit ‘3’. I am not going to break down the lyrics and explain to you what the song means like I do for every song I have chosen. Frankly it’s because the song is about having threesome! I love this song, it is such a catchy fun song. She sounds amazing and I just really like the flow of the song. The chorus and the melody is very well orchestrated and it’s creative. Britney is the best for songs like this that are up tempo, catchy, fun and to dance and sing along too.

Her music videos are always the same. She always does the close-ups of her singing and playing with her hair. She has made the same moves since she started! But, her body looks fantastic and her dancing is always on point. So the video is nothing special but it’s fun.

(The picture of her that I chose, is about five years old but I think she looks so beautiful in it!)

Here is vintage Britney! Oh man, I grew up listening to her. It’s been over ten years of her music. She is a pop icon for my generation. Anyway, this song reminds me of when I was in JHS. Remember back when MTV had their show Making The Video? I remember watching an episode of Britney making this video. How she fell and hurt her ankle while doing the dance routine of her jumping up and down on the chair. I used to always, always listen to her albums. I remembered every song and every lyric and I would listen to them in the shower, at home and dance along to it as I pretended to be her and back when we had walk mans and CD players! I wore those albums out! ((1st – ‘Baby One More Time’ and (2nd) ‘Oops, I did it again’.


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