Chris Brown, where does he go from here?

As the world knows Chris Brown has not had a good year.

His third album Graffiti was released last week and in my opinion, and many others, this album is the best he’s ever done. You can hear his growth, maturity and his voice is better than ever. He gave it his all. Each song is different, it’s a mixture of all types of genres and it has many vibes to it.

He also made it about the music, he didn’t use the album as a plea asking for the world and his ex-girlfriend to forgive him, how much he misses and loves her and trying to prove to everyone how remorseful he is. There are about five beautiful songs out of sixteen in regards to it (Crawl, So Cold, Falling Down, and I’ll Go) but the rest is showcasing his talent. The up tempo dance tracks that fans know and love him for.

I googled reviews and a lot of them were negative. I truly believe that if he would have released the album before the accident it would have received positive reviews. I notice how critics are applauding Rihanna’s latest album, that was pretty much suicidal, dark and her voice in ballads sounded awful, and how they are bashing Chris. It’s bias if you ask me. I get it. We all get it, he was wrong! But sometimes we need to draw the line between professional and personal lives of these entertainers. We praise them when they are making hit movies and hit songs, but when they show their human side…we judge them? Why do we bring them up to only shoot them down?

He can’t catch a break. With Rihanna slamming him and obviously lying about details of what happened, giving interviewers different answers and getting the sympathy award, with fans turning against him, TV networks refusing to have him come on and promote his album and with a handful of fans turning away from him. He is still trying. He’s out on tour, completing his community service and trying to bounce back from the ordeal he’s been through while every move he makes is scrutinized.

When he is seen having fun with his buddies, riding jet skies, partying or even smiling he gets slammed for looking as if he doesn’t care about what he has done and they make him out to be a monster. He is only twenty years old. He is moving on. Do you expect him to stay at home and remind himself of what happened over and over? Life goes on. He is trying to put it all behind him and learn from his mistakes as he is becoming a man.

I do think that he should have waited to release the album. A lot has been going on and people didn’t want to hear anything of him yet. He should have just went away, fall of the radar and come back in about two years stronger and better than ever. By then every one would have forgotten about it a little bit. It was all just too soon.

So where does he go from here? I can only imagine how remorseful and depressed he must be feeling behind closed doors. Going from being on top of the world to the most hated is tough, especially at his age. But, I can only hope he bounces back and that the world gives him another chance for him to redeem himself soon.

So where does he go from here? He needs to step away from the media’s radar. Not allow them to say anything about him, because every move he makes will have hateful responses. He is becoming a man, so he needs to learn about himself and figure out life without fame. Deal with the fall out from a big mistake, move on and redeem himself.

My favorite song is “I’ll Go”.

Also, check out previous posts I’ve written about him.”

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2 thoughts on “Chris Brown, where does he go from here?

  1. While I don’t agree about the part about Rihanna slamming him, I totally agree with this article. It’s been a year now and people are still going on about this! It also sickens me that people are calling him Ike Turner jr. Good Gracious! They both might have hit a woman but the thing that seperates Ike from Chris is that Ike was beating on Tina CONSTANTLY, while Chris only beat rihanna ONCE! Also Ike constantly denied beating Tina, while Chris on the other hand admitted his actions, apologized, and took responsibility. And to top it all off, Ike was on drugs when he was married and Chris was never on drugs. And plus Charlie Sheen got arrested on Christmas for beating his wife and holding a damn knife to her throat, and yet nobody seems to be outraged about it. Seriously, what the hell?! Here’s what I don’t get, how can a 20 year old kid like Chris admit what he’s done, apologize, and take responsibility but grown ass men like Charlie Sheen, Bobby Brown, Ike Turner, and Sean Penn never learn and change their ways? I don’t condone violence or anything but this story is old as dirt and people really need to move on from this. And they want to see real dv victims they should go to these women and children shelters. Trust me, rihanna’s injuries are nothing compared to their’s. Keep your head up Chris, just know that your real fans will always support you no matter what and this storm will pass over before you know it.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Enjoyed reading it. You are absolutely correct with everything you said!! What he did isn’t right at all, but to compare him with Ike isn’t right, so I agree with you 100% with that. And you brought up a good point with what is going on with Charlie Sheen…no one is taking about abuse, he is back working on his show and people are forgetting about it. And now Rihanna has a new boyfriend and is parading around with him on vacation to give paprazzi what they want so she can show Chris and the world she is over it. People do need to move on from this already, I just feel really bad for him to be honest. Chris is super talented and it is a shame with what has gone down. I hope his career boosts after this ordeal. He is just so young and it is unfortunate. I also agree with him when he expressed how he upset he felt towards Oprah. Oprah caused it to be even worse by praising Rihanna and telling her to leave this abusive relationship and by having men who were actual woman beaters for years. I agree with him when he said instead of bashing him she should have helped him if she really cared about the situation that much. Ahh, the media! And you are right, his real fans will support him no matter what. It’s just also unfortunate that he will never have a chance to win a Grammy or be honored with anything else, regardless of what good he does or how successful his music may still be. The world is just so one sided and biased. But like you said, the storm will pass.

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