‘Hov’s a Blackberry bold, shawty is a sidekick..’

Sorry I couldn’t resist with the title! It’s by Jay Z and the song is ‘Venus VS Mars’

Over the weekend out of the whim I went to a nearby T-Mobile store and bought a new phone. I had the Blackberry Curve. I was eligible for an upgrade so I would be getting a good deal. I bought the newly released Black Berry bold 9700. I haven’t put it down! I love it, it’s defiantly the best phone I’ve ever had!

It’s thin. It’s black! I love anything black! It has 3G and WiFi. I always have internet service and the websites come up fast and I have good reception. The trackball is touch! When I had the Curve I used to get annoyed with the ball when it would get stuck and when it wouldn’t allow me to scroll up and down.

It has so many features! Visual voice mail, GPS, video, every kind of instant messaging and games. I am not a game player but I have become obsessed with the game ‘Word Mole’!
The camera resolution is amazing! It’s digital. I couldn’t believe how clear and perfect the pictures come out. They’re not blurry and the flashlight is great for night-time. Even the quality of a recorded video is great. It also has an application called ‘Sheet To Go’ and ‘Word To Go’ and can open up any kind of file! The battery is great too. I am constantly on the phone, whether writing whatever comes to mind on ‘Notes’, BBMING, on the internet, taking pictures or playing the game ‘Word Mole’!

I recommend it to every one. I am not big on cell phones, I don’t see the point in spending tons of money for a phone, that ends up broken or lost. Even though this phone was a bit pricey I like it a lot and I am going to take care for it! Make sure I don’t drop it or the screen doesn’t scratch like my other phones. It comes with a great case too.

With a 2 year contract it comes out $200.00. Without a contract it is $480.00. I had an upgrade so I bought it for $240.00


3 thoughts on “‘Hov’s a Blackberry bold, shawty is a sidekick..’

    1. Thank you so so so much! I agree with you! I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go starting this blog but I am not caring to much about the writing as I am just allowing it to be free and opinionated. I am working and will just get better and better! I hope you keep checking it out! Thank you again!!

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