A Tiger to a Cheetah

Oh Tiger what have you done? I wasn’t going to write about this whole mess but how can you not? Tiger is up to 14 mistresses! I honestly think that the media keeps stretching this is because they’re all shocked its Tiger Woods! You’ve never heard anything bad about him, he’s one of the worlds greatest athlete in one of the worlds most boring sport, he’s married with two kids and you never really see them outside the golf course. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him speak and I’ve never heard his wife speak either, let alone in magazines or at events.

First lets talk about the mistresses. They’re all low-class, so what can you expect? They were all waiting for the ball to drop. Who saves over 300 text messages and emails without having any cruel intentions? The fact that they are doing TV interviews talking about how ashamed and sorry they feel and spilling out details about their relationships with Woods..is pathetic. But whats more pathetic is the fact that these media outlets have them on their shows and discuss them in magazines. They’re feeding off this new found fame and are going to run with it any way how. These women don’t care that they ruined wrecked a home and took part in ruining a family.

I know it takes two. Tiger is wrong in every extent but these women know who he is, they know he is married with kids at home but they used him for money and eventually for fame. How can they care when he has paid each of them a monthly allowance to keep the affairs quiet.

Now, as for Tiger. If a man isn’t happy at home..LEAVE! Just because you are a billionaire and think you can get away with everything doesn’t make it better. Now look at what is happening, the world knows your dirty secrets and you’ve lost everything. Besides, look at the selection of women you chose to cheat with. It shows that you’ll have sex with anything! Ew!

But Tiger, why would you ruin everything you have at home? Because you’ve been getting away with it, how long were you going to keep doing it? How do you not feel disgusted with all these women? How does a man feel good about himself knowing he is having sex with many women while his wife is at home with his kids? How does a man cheat on his wife when she is pregnant, nursing a baby and most of all…she is the women that loves him the most?

Worst of all is how does he have sex with the mistresses and go home to have sex with his wife, how does he face his wife? I don’t get it. It’s living a double life. It’s all a lie. How do you say ‘I love you’ to her, spend time with her and your kids and tell her your at practice/work when you’re traveling to meet up with these women to have sex with? So many questions and they will all be left unanswered.

A woman will never be able to understand a man. We give them everything – our life, our body, our mind, our soul and our heart and all we want is the same in return. We sacrifice so much for a man to end up with nothing. We go the extra mile to make him happy, to make him love what he has at home and to make him realize what it is he has. A family. A wife, kids, a home all of which he has waiting for him at home.

I believe that if a man cheats once, try to work it out. You can never forget but learn to forgive. Whether your married or just in a relationship. When your married, a lot more is at stake. You two share a life and building a future together. Especially if you have children, don’t be so quick in getting a divorce.

But, if he cheats again and going to marriage counseling didn’t have any positive effect and you tried to change certain things to make him happier at home..it just isn’t going to work. He is obviously not going to change no matter how much you try or how good he has it at home. Leave. No one should make you feel like you aren’t worth anything, that you never made them happy and so forth. If he cheated again while your in a relationship..also leave. Do you really think he is marriage material?

Anyway, going back to Tiger. I don’t see how endorsements pull out when a celeb is under hot water. What does his personal life have anything to do with his professional? It should be separated. I do think he needs help. Maybe its sex addiction or maybe he wants out of his marriage and found other ways to feel good about himself. As for his wife, she needs to leave. Take her kids and go away. She shouldn’t care how much she would be walking away with, it’s about your dignity and pride. Besides, with the prenuptial contract and child support, she is set for life. A man like him doesn’t deserve to have a woman stay by his side after the hell and embarrassment he is putting her through.

He also shouldn’t do any interviews, he should keep quiet and let it blow over. He recently announced a break from golf, which I think is the best thing to do. He needs to work on himself and learn how to be a better man and a better father..and a better EX-HUSBAND.

What do you guys think? I’d love to know!


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