Get Studded

I recently went to the city to style a photo shoot for a friend. It was a rainy Saturday and I didn’t really feel like getting glammed. So I tied my hair in a pony tail, put on my thick framed glasses, jeans, rain boots, grey circle scarf and finished my look with my Black studded leather jacket.

My Look

The Glasses: The glasses were made popular by Madonna in the early 1990’s when she was in her punk, bad ass phase. It went away, and for the past two years it can be seen anywhere from the streets, celebs, photo shoots to Fashion Runways. I love them. I think anyone can pull it off. It’s the best accessory to finish off a laid back look that will make you look stylish and edgy.

The picture is of Madonna in the 90’s and a recent one of her daughter. How adorable?!

Circle Scarf: When I think about it I wonder how on earth did I not come up with an idea like this! I love it. You can literally make the scarf into anything – shall, sweater, shirt and even a dress!. I’ve seen it featured in Fashion spreads but didn’t think anything of it until one day I went into a store that I never really go into and I saw the scarf. It was the last one they had so I grabbed it quick before any one else gets it. I went home googled it and saw how many ways I can wear it and fell in love! I think every one – both girl and boy should have this!.

The many ways!

Studded Leather Jacket: I love the jacket above that British model Pixie is wearing. It’s by Religion and costs $310. It’s hard to find now, it quickly went out of stock when they released the line in Urban Outfitters. I am really into studded embellishments now. Whether they’re jackets, gloves or bracelets.

The jacket I got is from Forever 21, $45.00. MTV’s Stephanie Pratt recently wore the same jacket! I love that you can take the edgy jacket and make it feminine. I’ve worn it with a dress, with jeans and a plain top and with a skirt. You can dress it up. I’ve also gone with an edgy look wearing the jacket with all black clothing. Sometimes it’s good to spice up your self wardrobe. I don’t have a set style, I just go with the flow and whatever is in my closet that I can put together.

Speaking of studded accessories, here are a few of my other favorites.

I love this embellished studded gold and silver cuffed bracelet. It’s a bold piece and it should be worn on its own. I tried it with a few other bracelets but it didn’t work, expect for thin gold bangles on the other wrist. I love Bohemian looks, so I recently wore the cuff with a head band and a flowy white dress. You can get it for $22.00 at

I loveeeeeeee these gloves! They’re by 3.1 Phillip Lim. I want a pair! I think I talked enough about my love for studded accessories!

So what do you guys think? What are your favorite accessories that you own or see in magazines? Let me know!


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