Video of The Day

Carrie Underwood is a very talented artist. Her voice is beautiful. I always find a few songs that I can put on repeat from one of her albums. My favorite songs of hers are from her sophomore album ‘Carnival Ride’,  ‘I Told You So’, ‘Just A Dream’ and ‘I Know You Won’t.’ Such beautiful songs!

I came across this video when I was listening to some songs from her latest album and as soon as it started it, I got teary eyed. The song is a classic and the documentary inspired video is so touching and beautiful.

Ever  since I was little I always dreamed that I would travel the world and try to help children living in poverty, suffering from Aids/Cancer and so forth. I also always promised myself when I get older and have a bunch of money that I would give back and help give school supplies, clothes, food and medical care.

I hate, hate and I repeat hate to see children suffering, adults too but when it comes to children I feel like they are so innocent, unaware of what goes on in the world to be suffering. I always say that “Children shouldn’t be fighting to live, they should be loving to live, freely.” I am getting goosebumps just typing this! Check out my earlier post “One Tough Cookie”

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mohanas Ghandi

Also, song that goes perfectly with this post is ‘Man In The Mirror’ by Micheal Jackson! (Check out a earlier post I did about this song!)


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