Artist & Song of the Week

..goes to Rihanna!

As you may know from my earlier posts, I don’t like her! I think that her talent consist of up tempo songs and she sucks live. She has no charisma, just hit songs. (The album cover is horrible, by the way.)

So here is one of my few favorite songs of hers from her fourth album “Rated R”, critics and music executives expected this album to be the highest grossing one of the year, dubbing it as her come back..but it flopped.

The song is called “Fire Bomb”.

My interpretation of the song is that it’s about a woman scorned that decided to commit revenge by killing herself and the person who wronged her because she is fed up with getting hurt by him.

Breaking it down:

Gunfire left a hole in the tank,losing gasoline

(she wants fuel to leak so that when she ignites it will explode, just like her feelings are bout to, because she’s had enough of keeping them in)

Fire is on my trail, and he’s after me. Hope they don’t get here before I get where I’m going, I gotta get where I’m going take off my mask to breathe.

(she wants emergency services to arrive at the scene when she is dead already because she is tired of life and getting hurt by the person she loves and cant see another way out. She’s hoping they won’t catch her before she does it)

You could’ve been a part of a masterpiece. Fluid in the brakes was the last to leak

(she has also damaged the brakes so they wont work when the driver tries to stop the car. They could have had it all together, hence the master piece but he took that away from her. He took away the idea of a happy ending, that she was trying to keep.)

Where I’m going I don’t need my breaks, cant wait to see your face when your front windows break
And I come crashing through

(the accident will be the driver running over Rihanna and her smashing through the windscreen and they both die in the fire caused by leaking fuel)

We were killing them, they couldn’t handle the millionth degree. We were criminals cause we were burning, the world called the police. Fire department, ambulance. You call me crazy cause that would be the only move for me and you is to go out blazin’

(Everyone was envious of their relationship, which came with a lot of haters. They were criminals, meaning they were toxic to each other. When the accident happened, the world called the police and took away their love, they’re destruction of one another came to an end. Only move is for her and him to go out blazing, meaning they won’t make it out together and get back to their love, so instead they’ll burn.)

She still wants to be with him, regardless of what the world may think… but she just cant. It would be her against the world. So, she refuses to burn alone with all the pain, so he must also feel it.

And the rest of the song basically goes through the scene of the accident and how Rihanna would find the scene beautiful because it would be the end of her suffering and also she’s putting the blame on him for making her do it! And she describes how lovely their lives were to the outside world yet between the two everything was too much and they couldn’t handle it.

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