Look Of The Week

I am back!!!

Look of The Week goes to…me!!

I hardly go out and when I do I try to dress up and of course it depends on where I am going. But I am not a slacks, button down and skirts type of girl, I am a jeans girl!! You can never go wrong with wearing jeans, I can live in them. Ripped, black, classic blue..you name it! I am also picky, I used to like flare but ever since skinny jeans came out it’s all I wear.

All my jeans are either from Gap or Banana Republic (same thing, I know), two pairs of Sevens and one Earl and a few from Express. I am not big on expensive jeans. My mother is obsessed with it and I don’t see the point. I think that Gap is the best fit for curves. Only thing that sucks, my waist is a bit smaller than my hips, so I always, always have to wear a belt with my jeans! I have yet to find jeans that will fit me perfectly, no belt needed!

Right now I am obsessed with thigh high boots, blazers and statement necklaces. Check out “Make A Statement” and “Blazer” posts I’ve done few months ago.

A week ago I went to a lounge with a friend, nothing big so I kept it casual.

What I wore:
– Cream colored Banana Republic spaghetti top, $25.00
– Leaf tribal necklace from Forever 21, $10.50
– Gap Jeans $65.00
– H&M Shoulder Pad Blazer – it’s peach colored going on light pink, $60.00
– Thigh High Boots, $45.00. I got it from a department store Century’s 21.
– Chanel logo earnings, real! Gift from Grandma.
– Bangles, pair of vintage cream-colored bangles from my mom, from the 80’s! and rest are from BiJuJu. (www.bijuju.com)

My make up was very soft. I loved it. I don’t know if you can see how I did my eyes from the picture above. But I went with gold eye shadow, eye liner on top lid only and finishing it off with heavy mascara at the top and light on the bottom. I don’t use blush. I just use loose powder when I finish with the foundation. To complete the look I went with a pink lipstick from YSL.

I will write a list of products I use soon. But, check out my earlier ‘Make Up’ post.

At first I put my hair up in a messy bun. I wanted the focus to be on my eye make up (it looks sooo good up close!!) I kept going back and forth with whether to do a ponytail, bun or keeping it down. In the end, I chose to have it down because it didn’t go with the thigh high boots making it casual. It would have looked better with a pair of heels, to make the look a bit more sophisticated and chic.

So what do you guys think?! Let me know.


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