Update: Stressed & Transition

Hi dolls!

I haven’t been updating!! I am sorry. But any working student knows how hard it is to juggle school and work, especially when it’s mid terms and work piles up all at once!

I have been so stressed out. I am not where I want to be, in life, work and school. I am trying to change colleges, but I am struggling with a Math Remedial course! Math is the devil and I can’t wait to stop having it haunt me and pull me down. It’s been since Elementary School! I don’t remember a time when I didn’t struggle with Math. I have always done pretty good in all other classes getting A’s & B’s but when it comes to Mathematics, I don’t get why I can’t get it!

It’s hard to stay focused in school, especially when the lessons don’t interest you and your thinking that what your learning in your classes has nothing to do with your major and it’s just pointless. Also, you can’t help but sometimes give up after trying so hard by continuing to fail at a certain subject that is extremely tough for you. But we know we can’t! I haven’t given up, I keep trying and try to put in effort as best as I know how.

Anyway, it’s all so stressful and to much to swallow. But I am going to keep going and think positive. If I should fall down, no matter how long it takes me, how hard it gets and the break downs I end up having with no support system..I will do it. Everything takes time and you can’t force anything on yourself.

I am also going through a transition, a girl to becoming a woman. Evaluating life, people around me – who do I want in and which do I need out, keeping my virginity while society pressures you to have fun and my definition of love and being alone. I have a lot on my mind and I am going to work on putting them together in pen and paper.

So bare with me dolls, but I promise you each of you will relate, cry, laugh and just feel emotion when you read what I will be putting up.

Damita Ro


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