Read this somewhere and loved it:

“The famous REM song Losing My Religion to Choosing My Religion in her last book, she rephrased right. Religion is a choice of how to lead one’s own way of life. Religion is meant to give people a sense of purpose on this earth. It is meant to provide direction and a path for the human race in terms of morals and values. It defines what is wrong and right to help people co-exist peacefully and be productive during their life.

What is funny however is how whether you are born into a certain religion or brought up without one, in the end we are all on the same quest, to make sense of our existence whether we take the path of loving god, respecting god, fearing god or not believing in a gods existence at all.No matter what our label is, whether Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Atheist; we are all searching for the same things, truth and meaning. The only thing that makes us diffrent to each other is the channel. Some people see life as a test to an after life where we can live blissfully for eternity while others believe that this is it and that when you die its the end. There is no right or wrong, all of those beliefs are beautiful in their own way as long as the end result is that those beliefs include good morals and values. The only truth is no one knows for a fact where the truth is. What is important in the concept of religion or faith is that people have a goal, or a series of goals, and a clear understanding of how they see the world and its people; how they seek and attain peace of mind. It is only then that each person will be able to find the right channel that suits whatever they are looking for and what they need. The important part is not to judge other peoples’ choice of channel or path they chose to pursue, and never let it be the reason for intense conflict or misunderstanding. The choice of one’s religion or the choice to not have one is of personal nature, wrong and right is relative to whoever made the choice of path, don’t judge. Be open to others and their beliefs.”


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