Artist & Song of the Week


I know it’s been a while since I’ve done this post but my choice this week goes to Mary J. Blidge ‘Not Gon’ Cry’. This song just gets me in a quiet thinking mode.

This song is something that every girl can go to for figuring things out when they aren’t going well, a song we cry too because every word being sung is words we have looked for to express our feelings.

“While all the time that I was loving you, you were busy loving yourself. I would stop breathing if you told me to now you’re busy lovin’ someone else.” The relationship was always one-sided, he never put anything and was selfish but she hung in there because she was in love and holding on to him loving her back eventually, but he ends up leaving and showing the love he never gave to her to another girl.

“Eleven years of sacrifice and you can leave me at the drop of a dime. Swallowed my fears, stood by your side I should left your ass a thousand times.” She’s been there for him through all these years; the good and the bad and he never appreciated it. He’s let her down one to many times and yet she stood by his side knowing she shouldn’t be with him.

This is part gets to me, I feel like the words are coming out of my heart: “I know there are no guarantees in love you take your chances but somehow it seems unfair to me look at the circumstances”

“Through sickness and health, ’til death do us part. Those were the words that we said from our hearts
So now when you say that you’re leaving me.I don’t get that part” The marriage is broken and the vows were torn apart. They’ve gone through it all and for him to just leave..doesn’t make sense.

“Well I’m not gon’ cry. I’m not gon’ cry, I’m not gon’ shed no tears
No I’m not gon’ cry, it’s not the time
Cause you’re not worth my tears.” That’s it. It’s over, and you won’t catch me crying over you, your worth so much more.

I just love it and love Mary J. Blidge. Her songs are so empowering, uplifting and true. You really feel like your connecting with each others sorrows when your listening to her music.

What do you guys think? Girls, do you play this song when you’re going through tough times? Guys, do you know your relationship is over when she’s playing that song or putting up the lyrics on her Facebook?! LOL


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