Style Hit: Chris Brown


I am in love love with what Chris Brown is wearing!! This is the only picture I was able to get of him wearing that outfit. I am loving the jean jacket look, I have worn it a lot during the summer and I love when I see the guys wear it too! The v-neck t-shirt on guys is my favorite! The hat slinged back is a major plus, fresh pair of matching sneakers is a must and of course the khaki skinny pants on guys is another hit on my book! Basically…what he is wearing is what I look for a guy to dress! I am really digging it. Are you?


Here is another picture of Chris looking stylish and adorable as always. As you already know I am obsessed with leather jackets! So I loved to see Chris rocking it. I love, love this look on guys! Usually I would have said a black t-shirt would have looked better – an all black everything look but I actually like it with the white tee.

I like Chris Brown’s style. I was going to do a post dedicated to his style like I have done for Rihanna, Nicole Richie and others but I know it would take me forever! He never really disappoints with his fashion. He keeps it fresh, young and he always mixes it up.What do you guys think?


8 thoughts on “Style Hit: Chris Brown

  1. I like your stuff, had fun reading it. CB is my thang, and all your jots on him have been right on the mark in my view. The post by his security guy was really some interesting stuff – somehow I missed that one.

    I’m just pulling for Chris so hard now. He seems to be getting back in his groove, no? Partying after his sentence. Leaking rap numbers, and putting those maudlin ‘I’m sorry’ songs to rest. Working on a single with Lil Wayne. Killin it with the clothes, as usual.

    But I don’t know – what about his confessions of love for Ri? Is this PR or is real? or is it both? He says its over, because of the court order. But is that an easy out for CB? Are they real? Will she try to lighten the court order, like they tried to do at on point? Where is she at in all this? Her grandmother said ‘of course she still loves him…she thinks he’s God’ (serious stuff). Sorry to go on about the Situation, but it is like he’s my nephew or son-in-law, and I care bout him. I think I just need to remind myself sometimes that he is NOT my nephew, and its really about his INCREDIBLE TALENTS and CHARISMA. Nothin like him.

    1. Thanks! Did you check out the post I did about him and Rihanna’s whole situation? It’s one of my favorite pieces.

      I am pulling hard for Chris too..but seems like the past few months of redemption hasn’t been positive. On one hand I think he should living his life and put this past behind him and move on but on the other hand I feel like he needs to be away from the media and not give them anything to talk about. You know what I mean?

      His confessions of love towards Rihanna..real or fake? Hmm..I am not sure. No one really knew anything about their relationship since they had kept it so private. But I think it is real, I think after what happened and him loosing her made him love her even more. Seeing how she forgave him after and now not being able to even talk to her I think defiantly hits a soft aching spot in his heart. It’s hard to go from loving and being together all the time to now not even be able to be friends because of the law. Which, I think isn’t right. I get that the judge is trying to break them away from each other but who is anyone to stop someone from being with the one they love?

      As for her Rihanna lightening the court order..I highly doubt it. She WILL loose fans if she gets back with him, Jay Z and her PR team are advising her to stay away for herself and more so for her career. She’s basically selling soul her soul to the devil. I like that she is keeping quiet and hope it stays that way. In the end it will be best for her to move on and for them to get on with their lives and see where it takes them in 5 years when the court order is over..if it’s meant to be, it surely will be.

      I know what you mean with what you feel for just feel so bad. You want to hold him and be there for him. I care about him too and I really hopes he gets better and figures out who he is and doesn’t loose his career over one mistake. I hope Rihanna heals too, I hope she can love again without being scared of abuse happening again.

      1. Wow, this is weird.! I write comments sometimes when I browse the internet but I’m not used to getting comments back. Do you get other comments, but you respond one by one? I am a real novice to this stuff. I’m not part of the digital generation. I shouldn’t even be paying attention to this generation’s music scene, but my teenagers got me hooked, setting up the car radio chanels to the RB/hip-hop stations and stuff. Once in a blue moon i’d hear a song that sounds nice and I say ‘who’s that?’ ‘Forever’ was one of those songs and I slowly but surely fell in love with Chris Brown.

        Anyway – I agree with you that maybe it would be better if he did lay low. He is constantly fueling the gossip pages these days. And the twitters? Boy, he just seems to want to put himself out there and give the finger to the media (as in ‘screw you, I’ll do what I want to do, I’ll be me’). I admire him for it. Its risky, but its about being himself. I just hope he doesn’t do something REALLY REALLY dumb. Don’t think he will tho.

        And what about that “Hunt Chris Brown Tonight” spoof? Did HE really put this on twitter? (Again – I don’t even know how twitter works). I thought it was a riot. But seems strange, especially if HE posted it. Its good he can laugh at himself, but seems a bit of a stretch to make such a mockery of the whole thing. Then again, maybe it IS a mockery that we’ve blown this nasty little fight between a guy and his girl WAY WAY out of proportion, just because of who they are.

        I agree that the court restraining order is over the top. How can the courts have THAT much power to dictate how far – in terms of yards! -they have to stay apart. Seems crazy. I’d like to see them get that order removed, see them free to be friends (maybe then no one would really loose fans then), see them find others, and see them continue to make their incredible music.

      2. Yes. I have written back and always will continue to write back one by one. I love to hear other peoples opinions and interacting with various people. I appreciate taking the time out to even check my site!

        I agree with everything you said. I just think he is lost and afraid right now. I am on twitter and I follow him and one time in particular he wrote “My heart is incomplete..I only have the love from my fans, family and friends but something or someone is missing.” and he posted a youtube video of his song “Changed Man” with a fan video of pictures of him and Rihanna and wrote “it’s just one of those days”. Again, he received a lot of flack for this. The media doesn’t seem to want to forgive him and I think he is battling with that, it’s him against the world, going against the negative blogs, jokes, hate and loosing someone he loved. It’s hard but I hope he gets it together and finds his way. He is my age and at this phase in our lives we are our own worst enemy.

        Like you said, hopefully his talent will get him through! I just hope things go UP for him from now on…but it’s going to be a long bumpy ride. He needs to hire an amazing PR team to recreate his image in a positive way.

  2. I don’t know that there is a PR team that can do much for Chris .People seem to either love him no matter what, or to have forgiven him already, or to be so down on him that nothing is going to change their minds. So you just move on.

    Its so nice that he’s working again. He killed it dancing for the Drop it Low video, but he was lowering his standards to do that one – don’t you think? Same with the Jeulz santana song – I guess he has to come back slowly but surely. The show in New York next month will be The Comeback it seems. I was so excited I looked up the tickets and when they had to be bought etc. – but then realized I was not going to be so nuts as to fly to New York to see Chris Brown’s comeback (though when I write this I still am tempted!). What a show, with all those other artists. I’m very curious to see how they do it. I would guess CB will be the finale. Or maybe they will just mix it all up, like they seem to do these days – everyone in each other’s videos.

    The twittering is so fun. I follow it through “Mechanical Dummy.” Is there another way to do it?

    Are there other CB followers that you are writing to out there, since you posted the great picture? What deep analysis do they have to offer, like ours?

  3. To clarify – misplaced comment is a couple above.

    One last question: what did you think of the Larry King interview? I thought he did OK, given that he seemed very nervous and out of his element. Its a shame he got all the nasty media coverage for the ‘no’ to ‘do you remember?’ His camp’s reply seemed good to me, but THAT didn’t get much media coverage, did it?

    I really respect him for stonewalling Larry on all the personal questions. But is he just messed up that last one.

    And what about the bow tie? Why did he wear that???? I am confused – part of me sees it as just another irrevent Chris Brown fashion statement – but on national TV????

    1. The Larry King interview made me feel even more bad for him. I agree with what you said, with being nervous and out of his element. I think he handled it well, but I also feel like there were no answers. We know your feeling remorseful and regret the situation but what happened? What caused you to even get to that place? It has to have been something huge for something to trigger. It is a shame he got even more nasty coverage with his answer, I think he probably meant to say that he is blocking out what happened and with answering NO he was just to nervous to think about it before answering the question.

      I just really feel like the media needs to give him a break, he is young. Like I said on my blog on the incident, what if this was your son or brother? It’s just too much and anxious to see the outcome of his comeback. I still have the Larry King interview on my tivo. His mother broke my heart and I know it’s breaking his heart to see his mother and the girl he loved disappointed and heartbroken over his actions.

      As for the bow tie, it was defiantly distracting! LOL But I mean, he is in to fashion and he likes to dress up so there’s nothing wrong with it but I would have gone a bit more simple for an interview of this nature!

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