VMA’S – Fashion Hits & Misses



Beyonce looking red-hot in a fitted mini Robert Cavalli dress. Everything was on point!


Katey Perry looked hot! It was edgy and sexy at the same time. I can see Rihanna wearing this.


Kristin Cav..whatever her name is. I can’t stand the bish but I gotta give it to her for a nobody she looked pretty good! The make up, the hair, the dress and the shoes looking pretty darn hot!

Wow..that’s it for the hit list?!



Jennifer Lopez..major disappointment! She always looks stunning and wows with her fashion but that wasn’t her night.


Lady Gaga. Lord, please help me understand this creature.


Lauren Conrad. How is she a fashion designer? That’s a disgrace to us true fashionistas that actually work hard and go to school for our passion, not rich enough to buy our own line.


Madonna. I mean, seriously? Are you serious? I can’t, next!


Leighton Meester. I actually like the dress but she ruined it with the heavy eye make up and horrendous shoes!


Whitney Port. Another one like Lauren Conrad, a “fashion designer” I just can’t..it kills me.


Kanye West and his girlfriend. Leather shirt? Hated it. Jeans? Loved it, it would have looked better with a loose v neck shirt. As for her, who suddenly is famous and considered a fashion trendsetter (someone wake me up from this fashion nightmare I am having) what the fuckity fuck was she wearing?


Ashley Green. Did she borrow this dress from her 10 year old sister? And allowed that 10 year old to do her hair?


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