Anger Managment Everyone?

“The whole world needs anger management right now” – Joy Behar from The View

I laughed when I heard her say that this morning on The View, it is so true! This past week has been full of melt downs; we had a senator yell out to the President during his speech, Serena Williams curse and threaten a referee during the US open, Kanye West interrupting America’s sweet heart as she accepts her undeserving award and of course the same night a no body female rapper hijack the stage as the greats that is Jay Z and Alicia Keys close out the show with their highly anticipated performance.

Oh, and Lady Gaga gave a disturbing performance and had us gagging over her choice of outfits – I won’t say fashion choices because she is NOT FASHION. As well as Shakira and Pink wearing the same dress..someones stylist needs to get fired! And of course Beyonce saving herself from the mess by granting Taylor Swift a moment during her win.

Did I miss anything else? Oh yeah, Janet Jackson paying tribute to her late brother. Madonna opened the show with a speech about Micheal Jackson but made it about herself…so she did, she did.



Let me start with Shakira and Pink: They both wore the same black leather studded Balmain Fall 2009 dress. As a stylist your job is to make sure your clients are dressed with the latest, hottest designs and to make sure with the designer that their client will be the first to wear the dress and the only one wearing it at an event. So of course the question is who wore it better…

I would have to go with Pink. Shakira killed it with the knee-high leather boots and having her hair down. Her hair should have been tied up in a high pony tail and her eye make up should have been smokey. You can’t wear knee-high boots with a dramatic dress! The dress was enough. Pink did it best with keeping it feminine and edgy by wearing those pumps and her hair well, it’s short so it didn’t matter as long as it was up and letting the dress be the attraction.


Lil Mama. She pissed me off! Jay Z and Alicia Keys never performed together before and their new song, which I am obsessed with, ‘Empire State of Mind’ hasn’t even been out a week yet and it is exploding the radio. So as I said, the performance was highly anticipated and it was the grand slammin’ finale. Lil Mama is a nobody. No one knows about her and no one cares for her. So who does she think she is hijacking the stage of greatness? She isn’t even close to being close to being in Jay and Alicia’s level – and no there is no typo on that sentence! I seriously wanted to grab her and throw her over the Atlantic Ocean. She ruined their last few moments together on stage, now no one will remember their performance they’ll just remember the ‘hype man’ dumb ass wannabe rapper ruining it. Jay Z looked pissed and Alicia tried to focus on singing while looking confused. I played it back it a few times to make sure I saw what I did and if you listen closely Jay Z says to her “Your T-Paining it now”, he is referring to a few months back when he was preforming and rapper T-Pain came out of no where and pranced around the stage. So, then he tapped her thigh trying to give her a sign to leave, like ‘ok you had your moment now get out of here!’ but the idiot didn’t get it and continued to tamper around as if she belongs there. Worst part is at the end Jay and Alicia did a cute pose and she did it as well!!…standing right next to them with Jay looking disgusted trying not to look at her! So, they ignored her while looking upset and she finally left! To late bish, you did your damage!

Jay got class. If it was any other rapper they would have stopped the set and cuss her out! Honestly, I don’t know what she was thinking. Jay is a legend and not one to mess with so what the heck was she thinking!? I wish he would have let her have it right then and there. But, word is backstage he was furious at her and MTV. Jay needs security in ever corner next time he performs.

And speaking of security, does MTV not believe in them? Letting anyone run up on stage, this is not the first time in VMA’s 25 years that random have run up on stage. You’d think they know better but MTV loves the press and attention!


Lady Gaga: Words are hard to find for this hooligan. Her performance was tacky, wacky and frightening. Her wardrobe was even worse. I really hate when people mention her in the same sentence as Fashion Icon. She isn’t. Yes, she is artistic and bold but it’s at a different direction than fashion. There are artists a lot more talented than her so I really don’t see what the big deal is with her. I can’t even look at the pictures of her six other costume changes. It literally hurts my eyes.


As for Kanye West: First, he showed up with a bottle of Hennessy on his hand and was drinking during the red carpet. So blame it on the alcohol? Secondly, when Taylor Swift’s name was called as the winner for Best Female video every one was shocked and felt like it should have gone to Beyonce. Kanye didn’t just let his thoughts spin through his head, he took action. He went up and grabbed the mic from her and declared to the world what we were all thinking that Beyonce did deserve it. So he was right but his actions were wrong. He shouldn’t have ruined her moment, he could have expressed his feelings after wards at an interview or on a blog. The poor girl looked devastated and on the verge of tears. I felt for her, we all did.

I don’t know what Kanye was thinking. Usually he rants when he doesn’t win and other times he gives up his awards to another artist when he feels like he doesn’t deserve to win over them. So to do for another artist was odd yet noble! The thing about him is that he is a pop culture fan. It’s not about the awards it’s about the credit that should be given when deserved. I have a lot of respect for him, I did before and will after. It’s funny how quick people turn on you. Now with the mention of his name he gets booed and celebs everywhere are bashing him. I get it, we all get it he was wrong but people make mistakes. Others have done worse, so I don’t get why people act like her ripped her head off. Get over it.


I actually feel bad for him more than I do for Taylor. Kanye doesn’t seem to be a happy human being. Ever since his mother died, a huge chunk of himself passed away as well. I don’t think his rants are ways to get attention, I think its a lot of anger inside that he doesn’t know how to control. Him stumbling drunk on the red carpet was defiantly not a good sign on his well-being. Fame is a funny thing, we all want it but when those that are fortunate enough to get it, it changes your whole life and they lose themselves. It’s sad, what money and fame does to you.

A lot of people have lost respect for him and I really hope his career doesn’t suffer from this. His talent should see through his actions. I guess we have to wait and see.


Finally, Beyonce: So, she finally gets awarded the winner for Best Video. How do you give someone Best Video but not Best Female Video? Anyway, as she was giving her acceptance speech she suddenly turns the attention to Taylor Swift by allowing her to have her moment that was taken away from her. Of course everyone is shocked and touched by Beyonce’s sweetness. It was extremely nice of her to do what she did…but for some reason I feel like it was all to clear up her name. She did it out of sympathy but also out of a stunt to get out of this mess. I don’t blame her though. Kudos to her!

At the end, I kept thinking about how I wish Jay Z was present when it all happened. I would have loved to see his expression as he saw his best friend have a meltdown on stage as he praises his wife. Also, the conversation Beyonce will have with Kanye and best of all the conversation Kanye will have with Jay! I wonder what Jay would tell him. And of course, I would have loved to see Jay’s upset reaction backstage with what happened to him. Isn’t it funny how everyone wants a piece of the most powerful couple on earth!? Also among the nominees with Taylor Swift and Beyonce were Pink, Eminem and Kelly Clarkson and it had me thinking, imagine if any one of the others won. I don’t think Kanye would have gotten up! Imagine what Pink would do? haha I would not want to mess with her!

I know a rambled a lot and will have to reread this again to check for run on sentences! But bare with me, this is all too much! And you guys have to check out Twitter! It was so funny reading everyone’s tweets, it was hilarious with what people were saying about Lil Mama! Rapper Fabulous had me dying laughing!

What do you guys think of this whole mess?

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