Red Carpet Hits & Misses

Teen Choice Awards was last night but airs tonight and there was a lot of fashion hits! I remember growing up the TCA’s was all about NYSNC and Britney Spears!

I was on and saw pictures from the red carpet so I figured it would be easier to get the pictures from there instead of looking around different websites to get them!

I was loving more than most of the ladies choices, it brought out the best in the ending of the summer. It was all about fitted mini dresses, wavy hair and mixing vibrant colors.


Britney Spears looked great! She wore a Roberto Cavalli mini dress, I love it..but her hair should have been up in a pony tail.


Kim Kardashian looked adorable as always and very summer chic! I am loving the blonde hair and it actually blended perfectly with the white dress!


Megan Fox looked foxy, simple and cute!


Leighton Meester looked adorable in Louis Vuitton. I love the black and white stripes with the red heels…I would have gone with a different pair of red heels though.


Audrina Patrige…this had to have been my favorite look of the night. I am loving the colors. She wore a beautiful Zuhair Murad dress and Neil Lane jewelry. I love the hair, the dress,the jewerly, the heels, the soft make up..I just don’t like the girl! Haha


Ahsley Tisdale also looked great!


Selena Gomez is the ideal teen celeb for girls to look up to unlike Miley Cyrus. She dresses appropriately and is never making raunchy headlines. She keeps it classy, I like her and thought she looked beautiful! She wore a Baby Phat a dress.


I loved actress Ashley Greene’s Dolce & Gabana ensemble. She looked young, chic and adorable…I just did not like those heels!


Black is always fab! Kristen Bell looked cute in an all black jump suit by Top Shop. But, I did not like the shoes and the colorful beaded necklace. It would have looked better if she didn’t wear a necklace at all and wore peep toe or gladiator heels.

Fashion FLOPS!

ashley-greene Miley, no, no! She never looks appropriate for her age. She just turned 16 and she has been going on 30! I don’t like her, I don’t like the fact that young girls look up to her. Her outfit was not working for me, the skirt is too short and tight and the chain necklaces wasn’t cute. And what 15/16 year old gets a nose pierce, dances on a stripper pole with short shorts, takes raunchy pictures that have been leaked numerous times, dates a 21yr old and dresses very skimpy? What has this generation come to?

ashley-greene Kristen Stewart…not liking it but considering her past fashion choices it wasn’t bad for her but not working for me.

ashley-greene Fergie…I am sorry but she can never look good!

ashley-greene Vanessa Hudgens…it looked like a curtain made to a dress!

ashley-greene Hayden Pantierre, she looked a lot older than she is. She is only 19 years old. I loved the color but I didn’t like the dress.


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