Artist & Song of the Week

This week goes to pop female band Danity Kane.


Danity Kane was formed on MTV’s show Making the Band created by Diddy. I loved the concept of the show; we saw their auditions, we saw how their lives change when they made the band and began to live and work together while getting to know one another. We cried and laughed with them, and felt for them when they struggled making the album and over coming pressure from Diddy and the music industry. Than we saw their fame hit of and allowing it change them. Finally, we saw their last meeting with Diddy that turned into the last straw.


They were my favorite girl group. I loved each of the girls, D.Woods, Aundrea, Shannon, Dawn and Aubrey. We were all able to connect to them with their own personalities. They were opposites but clashed perfectly together. Their voices, personal style, personalities blended and worked.

I was disappointed when they split, especially since we got to watch them and really like them as people unlike other artists that we only know by their music and interviews. It’s a shame when people change for fame. Groups can never last because they were always been the one to get all the attention and venture off doing other projects aside from the group and eventually want to go solo. They were really talented and made history by being the first girl to have a debut and sophomore album go to number one.

My favorite album was their sophomore “Welcome To The Dollhouse”. We got to hear each of them and they sounded better than ever. I actually love all the songs on the album but if it’s one song I can never ever get sick of it’s “Damaged”.

It has a catchy beat to it and has a real meaning that every girl can relate. It’s about having gone through a tough break up that left you damaged. She is asking her new love interest to help her mend her broken heart so she can open up to him and trust him since the last guy made her lose hope. For instance, “Do, do you know how to patch up a wound tell me, are you, are you patient, understanding, cuz I might need some time to clear the hold on my heart and I. You try to gain my trust, talking is not enough, actions speak louder than words. My heart is missing some pieces, I need this puzzle put together again.”

The whole album was amazing. The production, the lyrics and their voices was very well orchestrated. I also think it was the best female group album ever!

What do you guys think? Did you watch Making the Band?


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